Anti-Jerk Policy (Odd predicament )

So, I started playing AoS while servers were doing the restart. When they came back up, I noticed their consistency and large selection, so I decided to give the aloha servers a go. Turns out for some reason, my original s/n; StanKnibbs brought up the Anti-Jerk policy prompt, and I either have to change my name or not talk at all, because I am blocked form doing so. Why is this? Can I please use my proper player name, StanKnibbs on the aloha servers? If not, why? I don’t see the significance, I’ve been using Stanley Knibbs as an alias for over a decade; what’s the deal here?

The anti-jerk is used mainly by the Aloha staff. What it is, is a program that dis-allows a regular gamer as yourself to modify their own name that is close, or the same as one of the staff members.
This is set in place so the identity and the reputation of a staff member does not become compromised. There have been many situations where a hoodlum has tried to impersonate a staff member and others think that the impersonator is a staff member. Also, they have tried to tarnish staff members reputation by swearing, cheating, etc. So now when you see that Anti jerk, and try to type something in the chat box, it will kick you off the server. I am thinking that i know the issue and we will see if we can get this matter resolved so you may be able to use your own name. Please check back frequently for a response here at this post. Thanks

haha i’m sorry for laughing but it’s because Tank is an admin and his name is protected to prevent imposters, and your name has “tank” in it. blame him. j/k. hmm, for now changing your name is the quickest solution. Stan Knibbs would work. we can probably set you up with a trusted account so you can login to use your name without the space, but the process is on hold at the moment so it could be awhile. apply for a trusted password here:

Thanks! If it is just an issue with the space (because of Tank, grrr, ;D [j/k]) I can totally put the space or a _ in there, no biggie. I didn’t get it, and I couldn’t chat, it was killing my team game strategy and I like the aloha servers. I still may apply for a t.p., I’m big on fair gaming and run exclusively solo. Thanks for the input guys, see you out there, Happy Bloxing!

Just thought of this, thought it was slightly funny; the full Alias is StanleyKnibbs, if I had used that, I never would have had a problem ::slight_smile: