Anti-badword script?

So after playing outside of Stormwind for a bit it has come to my attention that people curse way to much! I know we all like to be funny cursing sometimes but it gets kinda old after a while. Who likes to here people using the n or f words every time they die anyways? On Stormwind we have it where all(most) bad words are changed to “cake” the instant its entered into the chat. Perhaps Aloha should have this too to lesson the amount of profanity people use? Anyways thanks! :wink:


I like that idea :stuck_out_tongue:
Seeing people saying cake or pie or cat randomly instead of curses is something i would like to see

Before you get your hopes up: not going to happen. This ain’t Minit, where a man can’t use Cuntrag as his ign.

This is the internet.Of course there will be random shit everywhere.You dont expect everyone to stop cursing just for 1 person.

No it only effects chat, there are still plenty of bad igns out there :stuck_out_tongue:

and Yeah guess i was kinda presumptuous, but it still seems like a fun idea to try. “Cake you” does sound better than “Fu*k you” right? :wink:

Really, just ignore the chat…
or them.

Sham’s has something where it’ll filter bad words. if you want to try it out go to Sham’s. i don’t think anything is going to pop up here at aloha since we want people to feel free to express themselves even if they feel like swearing.

Anytime I see people wanting censor scripts in games… This song plays in my head.

Sometimes, censorship does more harm than good, I for one would rather not have everything censored. I find it helpful in estimating the age/maturity levels of the people I am talking to… So I can respond on their level.

But everyone has different takes on this, this is just my own. I just don’t see it as necessary.


Yeah i see your points. Oh well it was worth a shot haha.

I believe this kind of sums up the higher powers opinions on the matter

Those are both restricted pages.

All in all, from what I have seen, the higher ups only ask that players are respectful of one another and act accordingly. But realize that this is the internet, a diverse group of different cultures and personalities coming together in a single point, so swears and “comments you wouldn’t say to grandma” happen. From time to time, mods will take action against heavy discrimination/offensive remarks or chat which interferes with gameplay too much, but that is on a case by case scenario, and pretty rare.

yeah sorry it just occurred to me that those were restricted, sorry :’(

Yeah i understand now. It was only a suggestion but i can see where your coming from here. Thanks Walmarto :wink: