An odd problem

Hi, I just wanted to report a problem… I cant speak. I go on AoS Aloha servers and I try to type something in and press enter but nothing comes out. If anyone can fix this problem that would be great :slight_smile:

Maybe you were muted. You can appeal for an unmute I think if you think the reason was unjust.

which server was it on vyp3r

I have this problem too. I was in 24/7 Hallway. My IGN is Rainbow Dash
Someone can help me? I think the problem is that someone with my name was muted, so now every player named “Rainbow Dash” is muted.

I think your case is different. In this case, we have a guard with your name. To prevent impersonation, the anti-jerk feature prevents you from talking unless logged in.

we have a rainbowdash guard and a rainbowdash that a trusted player. the name rainbowdash is protected so no one goes under that name and attempts to be a guard.

Ok, thanks for the help, I’ll change my name.

Theres a guard with my name? Anyways i’m not muted anymore.

no vyper just rainbow dash, your problem was different