Amazed by your skills

So this guy was playing nicelly without harming everybody on a capture the intel server. Map was pinpoint. The team was blue. He was capturing the intel several times. Then realised that it was difficult to capture due to several randomly placed blocks. Then he starts to clear a path so the guy that is capturing the intel can get to the tent faster without having to do some “parkour” just to get to the tent. Next thing he knows is that he gets team killed. He just let it happens and start again. Guess what? Team killed again :smiley:

It resulted that the blocks he was clearing were a “building” (currently not used by absolutly nobody, ever used by somebody while he was playing, even more, it didn’t even looked like a building). So this guy gets mad because as I told you, he gets teamkilled twice and on top of that they start a vote kick for “griefing” (He thought he was playing on a capture the intel server, not a free build server), so he starts fighting with the guy that team killed him and started the vote kick, he was destroying the blocks that the guy was placing, and the guy placing the blocks was team killing him. He got surprised by the fact that this guy could tk him but he was not able to do it. Anyway, here comes the best part, He gets disabled for TEAM KILLING. LOL, weird right? He was not able to kill a teammate however he get disabled for that. He leaves the server returns and gets banned.

The end.

Conan, my favorite part of this story is the part where I came for the retaliatory part, when you were clearly griefing other people’s work and teamkilling. So, I toggled your ability to teamkill, after which you promptly left the server and rejoined to evade the toggling. Now, I apologize that I only saw your sins and iniquities, but your actions were clearly also in the wrong. For now, I’ve removed your ban (which was only for 1 day), so feel free to rejoin the servers and react appropriately when you are wronged. For example, there’s this handy thing called the “admin” command (/admin) which anybody can use to report people who are teamkilling, etc. Try that instead of doing the same to those teamkilling you.

Ummm excuse me but i don’t remember team killing someone…If you can refresh my memory please.

The reason I didn’t ask for an admin is because I know how annoying is to be called on for a guy being a pricked(which i did too so I gotta apologize). I am/was an admin on another game server(FPS too, Halo CE servers) and I know how annoying this is.

PS: I left the server because my game froze after the toggling…I didn’t even know that you can aboid that doing that. I have been playing BaS for about 3 days…