AlohaCraft Server Rules

AlohaCraft Server Rules

Thanks for taking the time to learn about AlohaCraft! This Minecraft server is a whitelist server designed by the staff of AlohaCraft was founded on the principle of making a community that everyone can belong to and enjoy! We hope to epitomize the word “ohana” with this server!

Our goal is to have an active and mature community, along with a dedicated staff, which will hopefully ensure a long lasting server with enjoyable gameplay! We are looking for fun, mature, and active players, so please keep this in mind when applying. We use this forum and the Discord server for all communication, so having an account on both is a requirement for our community.

Please read all of the rules below- ignorance is not an excuse.

Common Courtesy

Respect fellow players and their property. It’s rather simple- treat others how you want to be treated! If players have signs saying “Stay Out”, do not invade their privacy. We work on an honor system.

PvP is discouraged on the AlohaCraft server, unless it is consensual.

We have a zero tolerance rule for griefing, stealing, cheating, trolling, pranking without consent, or any type of bullying. Do not take advantage of others.

AlohaCraft golden rule: “If it’s not yours, don’t touch it!”

Building On The Server

Don’t build your base within 500 blocks of spawn! This area is reserved for the server “shopping district”. You are more than welcome to build a shop in spawn!

When finding a spot to build your base, be sure to check the surrounding area ingame or on the dynmap. If you notice someone is close by, either ask them if it’s ok for you to build there, or find a different spot.

Don’t use farming techniques that cause severe server lag.

Builds that are found to violate any rules will be removed and the person(s) involved could receive a warning or ban.

Server Landscape

Try your best to keep our server looking nice! This applies to everywhere, including spawn.

1x1 pillars or holes, mass destruction of landscape, leaving floating trees, etc. is strictly prohibited.

Build your shopping district shops in a way that makes sense- leave enough space between other shops to make room for roads and other detail!


Keep in mind that this is just a game- you’d be silly not to let out a curse word while sinking in a lava pool! With that being said, make sure that your language doesn’t break any common courtesy rules. Hate language, derogatory terms, and racism are all great examples of things to avoid. This extends to images and videos as well.

The AlohaCraft staff will certainly warn you if you’re crossing the line, but you only get so many warnings before a ban is issued. When in doubt, just don’t say it!


Any and all reporting should be done to a staff member, who can easily be found on Discord. Screenshot or video evidence would greatly assist in helping our staff.

If you have a complaint about a staff member, do not hesitate to contact shywolf91 or FerrariFlunker with your complaints.

IMPORTANT: Don’t take matters into your own hands! Refrain from calling people out publicly ingame or on Discord. All matters will be solved as fairly and as swiftly as possible. Any vigilantism will be met with punishment.

Closing Remarks

The AlohaCraft staff are here to help you! Let them do their job, but remember that everyone makes mistakes. You may apply for an appeal with an admin if you like, but remember that the staff will likely provide proof of your wrongdoing. Staff members are required to never abuse their powers, so if you see someone doing the opposite of this, remember to follow the rules laid out in the Reporting section.

These rules and guidelines can be changed at any time, so please check this thread occasionally.

If this is your first time applying, you will likely have to wait anywhere from 24 to 48 hours. Please be patient! You will be notified if you have been declined or accepted.

If you’re accepted into the server, make sure to be a helpful, respectful, and mature player! If everyone follows these simple rules, everyone should have fun!

Thanks for reading and good luck!