Funny thing. I was just in your BF3 server and noticed the “Mahalo” broadcast, hadn’t noticed the name of the server.

I run a clan called Waikiki Gun Club, based out of Santa Barbara (But I am from Kauai). And you guys run out of Los Angeles. ;D

Great to meet you, and mahalo for your server!


ha what’s up

guessing you’re in Santa Barbara for school? i’m in Hawaii, LA is the next best ping

checked out your site, looks like a tight group. you guys still mostly Far Cry 2 or play other games just as much?

glad you stopped by, hope to see you on the servers


Living in SB for now, not for school but for work; probably moving back to Oahu by next Summer, depending on lining up employment and finding a place that’ll take a cat.

We’ve been playing solid FC2 for three years now and it is obviously about time to wrap that up. We’re hoping to segue to FC3 as our main clan game, with CS:GO on the side. I don’t like to run a clan with tons of “divisions” of different games. We all all play the same game together. But another thing is, we always stick with games that have custom mapping and clan servers and modding possibilities, since we are keen on the creative side of things. We have over 1,000,000 downloads of our custom FC2 maps. So the BF games will never become our main thing as a clan, even if a bunch of us enjoy the games.

Aloha and mahalo,


cool cool, sounds like your clan’s FC niche has been working out

customization is fun, i wish more of the mainstream games supported it. i’m pretty excited about CS:GO, been away from that kind of single life gameplay for some time now so should be fun to get back into it.

i’ll let you know when reserved slots are possible for BF3 so you can join the servers together as a group without hassling to join servers that are too full or empty