Minecraft Plugin Ideas

Post below the plugin ideas you would like to see from

We’re focused more on getting a server up at this point. Plugins and everything can come in afterwards.

So far, we have a factions thing (Towny, I believe), Book Rules, and Essentials. No, we’re not doing FTB. We’re probably not doing Tekkit, either.

Tekkit is just asking for lag. Honestly, I prefer servers that have minimal mods to those that have everything.

FTB will just probably lag the server like heck with all the machine/engine and other things going on. If I’m not mistaken, the mod packs might crash the game several times.

I was thinking of something along the lines of this plugin for bukkit:
It’s called war, and it’s what it says. Go there to see all of it’s features. Only thing is, I’m not sure if they’re making new versions of it, so someone good with coding might be able to update it. I think it would be perfect for what you guys are suggesting.

What’s MCJobs and iConomy?

i would say probably something like nocheat to stop people from doing stuff like spiderman-ing or flying. i heard there was some sort of anti-xray plugin but i’m not sure if that exists or not.

Anti X-rays exist,but I havnt seen a non buggy one.

Oh, I’ve been on a server like that. I was a mob hunter. Thanks

Factions would be a good idea, and its more organised then towny. Jobs plugin would be cool as-well.

Anti X-Ray isn’t a good idea. It is really buggy. Its almost like a practical joke when you find some diamond and find out its part of a glitchy plugin.


I believe there’s a plugin that keeps track of the amount of ores people mine and if the cobble/diamond ratio is beyond logic it triggers some kind of X-ray alert.

It’s just warning for admins. Like a flag, it’s like when the accuracy of a player on AOS goes about 100% there’s a message that gets sent to the admins. Same principle.

Why would they hate that plugin?
It’s not about what you possess, it’s about what you mine. I don’t know the probability numbers, but let’s say the chance to find diamonds is 1 diamond after mining 100 cobble (I’m sure there are statistics about that). Someone with x-ray can mine directly to the diamond, doesn’t need the cobble and so will have an average that’s a lot higer, for instance 1 diamond after mining only 20 cobble on average. It’s just an indication that that shows something is fishy.

…Tekkit? Nah…

This is exactly my attitude about Tekkit. I don’t even get what’s so great about it.

I play FTB with a few friends, it’s pretty awesome. Wouldn’t have a pub server for it, though.

I like Tekkit! There’s something cool about using industrial equipment in Minecraft, and a lot of the items are fun to use. The only drawback is that it takes FOREVER to get all teh good stuff, and EE is a bit OP.

Having things like locked chests makes things less fun IMO, especially those death-locked-chests.

You have locked chests on land that you own. Mayors, anyone in the town with the rank high enough to open chests, can also open these chests. I’m not sure if we’re going to keep this feature.