Minecraft Factions Server Ideas Thread!

Hello! For the past week or so, the crew has been hard at work setting up the public aloha Minecraft server. We’ve already figured out the basics, like that the server will have the Factions plugin, and it will be PvP. For the rest though, we need your help!

What would you like to see in this server? No idea is a bad idea, so tell us everything you think you would like!

The survival games plugin is nice :smiley:

When will the server be up for the public?

Whenever we get it set up, so get suggesting!

GenJosh, that wouldn’t work for the type of server we’re doing.

Oh ok :smiley:

This one is obvious, but:

Some form of economy and shops… I enjoy selling my surplus materials then getting rich off of em :smiley:

some basic ideas that have already been thrown on the table include:

  • a player can join an existing faction or create his own.
  • a player may be in only 1 faction at a time.
  • factions can claim land for a taxable fee - not paying that fee or being inactive loses claim to that land.
  • non-members cannot interact (destroy/build blocks, open doors, etc.) with a faction’s claimed land.
  • anyone can attack anyone anywhere except in neutral protected trade areas. if you don’t want to be attackable on your faction’s claimed land, build a house/castle/whatever to protect you and your belongings from non-members.
  • 3 primary factions that would be considered the official towns. each would include a neutral protected trading area within and/or near its claimed land. these towns would be the high traffic areas; you would go to them to buy/sell stuff and scout for war.

these ideas are not finalized - they are open for discussion.

Question: Is stuff like tnt and fire gonna be enabled?(I’m tired of faction servers that you can’t raid on)

another proposal i had made was the ability for factions to officially be at war with each other.
when officially at war, i suppose things like fire, lava, and TNTing can take place. otherwise, it’s probably best to refrain.

I like that idea, much better than people placing tnt traps everywhere

Don’t forget to add lockable chests! That is a must

ehhh I don’t really get the lockable chests :stuck_out_tongue:

Well I read Factions Overview and Player Guide - MassiveCraft and I like that territory idea.
I think it would be cool to add some minigames like “King of the Ladder”, “Castle Wars”, and/or “Parkour”. Maybe some puzzles as well in the mini games like redstone challenges just for fun.

Keep in note we are the aloha player killers. This will be PvP orientated! Right now we have factions set up, and I think we will have official warring places where lava and tnt can be used. Other than that I believe they will be disabled. I myself haven’t been able to look too much into it, yet.

No opening day has been set yet.

Not sure about the lockable chests because this is gonna be a PVP server and wheres the fun where you find chests in unclaimed areas?

Lockable chests/wooden doors/switches, too many safe zones, and free itens for ‘newbs’ are for pussies.
Im not against afew safe cities here and there tho :wink:

There should be “safety zones” at least, so people won’t ragequit the server and jack everyone’s stuff with them.

Yeah, I believe cities to be safe zones, and there will be a few. In these areas no one can build or destroy. They will be there primarily for trading.

You’ll be mostly safe within your faction boundaries too, so that’s an incentive to join one. As long as you can protect your boundaries.

Im more or less of a loner though :stuck_out_tongue:

I also proposed that players get slotted to different factions to start with. They may then choose to leave, and switch/align with other factions after a certain period of time. Factions are also able to exile their own members, set bounties on renegades, etc.