What will happen to this community after Ace of spades dies? I feel there’s about a year left in Ace of spades.
If it does…what next?
Different game? Maybe a Steam group…Minecraft…Garry’s mod
I will be sad if dies just because Ace of spades did



We have minecraft which, iirc, Froe hopes to expand.

We could also focus on expanding openspades into a new game (either standalone or through steam) with new gameplay,etc.

Yea Openspades…
But who will we find a person who can Photography, Programming (ARM, AS3, bash, C++14, C♯, F♯, GLSL, Go, Haskell, Julia, Lua, Python, x86_64), Web Development (HTML, CSS, JS, WebGL, CoffeeScript, Haxe, LESS, Django, ASP.NET), Computer Graphics (Blender)
With a School of Engineering degree

I have one of those…

But seriously, we have a great programming team here at Aloha. Hopefully a few of us can expand development of OS into something more compatible with slower machines.

I’ll help you a bit, OpenSpades uses

OpenSpades OpenGL Rendering
And OpenAL + EAX 2.0

Spatialized Audio such as HRTF mixing (depends on OpenAL driver)
Can make use of high-end sound card (i.e. latest SoundBlaster)

And you should probably message the guy who made OpenSpades for permission to mod OpenSpades

Oh and this



we wouldn’t need to message the creator because its open source right?


Gravebear, thanks!

terraria for airstrike

True, but I would message the guy anyway… He seems to be still working on OpenSpades
So we probably may not need to modify it but let’s see what happens…
I’m pretty serious guys I want Ace of spades/OpenSpades to live


Ok how about we focus less on what happens when aos dies. And focus on how to prevent that from happening.

Advertise the the game?
Youtube channel

How can we prevent our lovely game from dying

Let’s look at why people play this game. In no particular order:

  1. It’s free
  2. It can be both casual and competitive
  3. It can run on almost any machine
  4. Its graphics are more than 8-bit
  5. It’s 3D
  6. It’s not super-cliche
  7. It’s a shooter
  8. It’s very small in size and takes up little computer resources
  9. It can run on computers with integrated graphics no problem
  10. It’s heavily moddable

If you want a game to be successful at taking its place it needs to fulfill most of those requirements. If not people might as well go play the latest installment of “Fall of Duty”, “Jello Halo”, or “Rattlefield”.

Terraria would not be a very good replacement since it is not free. The only non-free game I think would be viable would be Minecraft, but only because soooo many people have it. If people want the MC server to be successful I recommend looking at other popular MC servers. You’ll see lots of mini games (tron, spleef, parkour, etc.), the factions game mode, creative servers, PVP mini games (hunger games, ctf, cannon pvp, etc.), sky block, perks for donators to fund all of this, and a hub for when you join.

But, the best attitude is definitely Techno’s of:

Aloha is gonna live I suppose, Torch’s list is pretty much correct. When YouTubers (even the nonfamous ones) play OS they ask “Holy crap what’s that game?”, “is it free?” then other players link them OS or the .75 version. Because at first glance, it looks unique, mix of minecraft and other shooters.
I saw three servers almost full yesterday. Babel, CS maps, hallway.

We gon’ live

lets all play animal crossing together :slight_smile:

How about we gather coders and freaking make an AoS app, not too different, and it won’t connect to PC players, easy I could try, but too busy. Maybe in the summer.

YVT said,
“OS is Open Source Code. You don’t have to ask.”

I find playing shooter games hard on mobile devices.

And yea, this thread was made to prevent from dying or Ace of spades of course :slight_smile:

Onigirl I didn’t see yvt statement, thanks for sharing that

Where is Danke gifs?

Well Aloha wasn’t focused on Ace of Spades since the very beginning. I believe it was first a Battlefield X (whatever number) form. I could be wrong. I just know it wasn’t Ace of Spades, that some other game was the main focus.