Aloha personal text

Can you have a picture personal text on aloha? Just curious, because have like a type of rank for administrator, moderator, etc under their names on bns.

You already have “Build and Shoot Organizer”. That seems enough.
We also have the hawaiian ranks that show our forum activity and if you want to know our “aos rank” just check our profile.

  • By “aos ranks” I mean all those ranks shown in staff list and maybe some others that I’m unaware of.

I’m not sure if you’re talking about bns having something to show our ranks or for aloha.

This. Kind of like on BnS

I think we need to ask BnS admins for that, but izzy’s one of them. I could try to fiddle around and make some but I’m sure Danko can do better. :stuck_out_tongue: