Aloha Fps

My Project
Well, im working on a online FPS. And I want it to be sponsored by “Aloha.” I also wanted to call it Aloha Fps or Aloha Battles.
I’m adding a lobby and everything, my friend is helping me out with it. I’m adding all of Aloha’s Server links onto my lobby. I will also link the forums onto there also. My project has just started like yesterday, and this is the official announcement.

I would like your permission to sponsor my fps. Yes, it will be online and probably in 2 weeks or maybe sooner.
I’m still making the maps,guns,rooms,servers,and all that stuff.
I will also add a Aloha Staff for online moderating purposes.

How you can help

You can help by giving me ideas, like cool guns,rooms, ect. I’m trying my best on this FPS so I would like your permission :]

I will also need help by forming a multimedia team, the multimedia team helps by snapshotting and doing videos+interviews.
You guys can also help by forming a Alpha and a Omega team so I can divide people by rank. By the way I’ll also need a name for those teams.

Whats The Catch?

There is no catch whats so ever… I promise you that this is 100% free.
I just love Aloha’s servers, and I want mine to be apart of it. I’m starting new fps for ALOHA.

Other Information
The website for Aloha Fps will be created, how ever it will be created with a website builder. I will try to get the domain soon for the website but until then it will be a subdomain. I will probably get or .tk, but I know some people say .tk stands for trojan key virus but it really isn’t -.- its just a domain. If you guys do think that. I will make it
I will put the website link on Aloha Forums soon… But until then please be patient. If you think your a great staff member. Post your staff application in the comments.~Thank you, Death The Killer.