Aloha Buildicon again?

We should definitely have another one. Maybe we should make a map with an all white background 1 block thick so its easier for things to be made. But when would we have it.

Yes plz :3
And about when; well, idk when people will be available.

YESSS! But I don’t know about the terrain. I think that some people (including me) would like to have that natural terrain generation for some structures.

Ehh…IDK. It is really easy to make a map that is 1 block thick and white.

I’m all about buildcon. Had loads of fun with many of my buddies for hours last time, as I built my starburst mansion and monitored the server, but wouldn’t having it this frequently diminish the value of it considerably.

That’s like having E3 every 3 months, people would stop going to them because they know another would happen soon after.

I’m just saying that if you want that event to stay as successful as it was we need to have them far apart time based, like annually.

maybe every 6 months?

6 months isss a pretty long time.

it might do.


idk if this is the right place to talk about this but I now wish for a diferent kind of aloha comunity event, one that is a 16vs16 match on the soccer server (its awesome), If you guys tried to arrange that or something diferent from a build event it would be nice.

Regarding build events: flat maps suck, use something that is already played on aloha and build over it.

Yea like I said to many buildcons will diminish the value to much. It would be better to have 4 or 5 different events spaced out across the year so as to have fun, but not do one thing to many times.

Buildcon could be a March thing.