All your cahirs


But really, I felt like i’d post a “silliest things” thread so here you go. It’s even named sillily; post your sillilest things.
And this is somewhat pointless.

Nuh uh! 1.0 is getting rid of cahirs and encouraging griefing.

Rocket Launchers
Drill Launchers

^ True Dat
What dafaq are cahirs (Dumb question I just know it, then i get like 15 replies saying Im an idiot)

I dont know what cahirs are too.Im guessing its something to do with gaybars??

Lol and how did you figure that? Cahirs sounds like chairs to me :stuck_out_tongue:

Why do I have the slightest hint that it reminds me of 4chan?

First I though they just spelt chairs wrong.Also has quite a number of Cahirs and Gay bars so I was thinking its like kind of that??

I have found one that I made.