Airstrikes. we need 'em.
I think that they would be a great addition to the servers.

I’d like them on pinpoint (pls don’t hurt me)

i think airstrikes have been brought up already and everyone seemed to dislike them. personally i have no problems with airstrikes but i don’t represent the entire aloha community :stuck_out_tongue:
but on servers like pinpoint i’d like to see some sort of killstreak reward such as maybe an ammo restock after a 10 KS. or maybe airstrikes could be enabled for every 10 KS except airstrike kills do not contribute to new airstrikes.

bumping so izzy can see it? :0

pinpoint is the worst map for airstrikes…

i’ve never liked airstrikes, i really think we don’t need them. there are plenty of other servers that offer them anyway.

I hate them because once I got the killstreak, I used it and got the killstreak again, which was 6, and I used the airstrike 5 times before I got shot. Kind of like earning cheap kills.

then put it on TDM? and instead of 6, have it at 20 or so?

Then everyone would be afraid to die.

I got banned from JestServers for chaining airstrikes, I think (wasn’t a votekick either).

I really f*cking hate airstrikes. Like, REALLY.
They’re a crutch, encourages camping (I’m guilty of this myself), and the whole ENEMY HAS ISSUED AN AIRSTRIKE WHERE kinda ruins the whole point of an airstrike…

Then turn that part off…

They’re a crutch, encourages camping (I’m guilty of this myself), and the whole ENEMY HAS ISSUED AN AIRSTRIKE WHERE kinda ruins the whole point of an airstrike…

Still looks pretty bad…

Don’t put a line through it, just get rid of it,

50 kills to unlock the ability to unlock airstrikes.(not a streak)
after that 10 kills to get an airstrike,

I really don’t see a point to rewarding already really good and dominating players with an even more powerful and dominating skill.

That is a point, i’m sure you smart people could figure away to work it in if you wanted to.

From what I’ve seen of airstrikes on pinpoint in general, it’s going to be used to spawnkill people rather than actually use it like an airstrike (aka nade their frontlines as to advance).

There are no admins in JestServers so it was probably a votekick. I was 3 away from getting booted as a hacker for chaining 3 times. I’ve actually wondered why they even warned you when the airstrike was going to come because I would usually just bury myself and survive.

airstrikes are newbie. they don’t require skill. typing a command without any other input whatsoever (e.g. aiming cursor) to get kills is cheap.

Not necessarily, when I played other servers, i ran around/asked where the blue were, i didn’t waste mine.
but your point is valid

Where blues are on pinpoint: C4/C5 with about equal likelihood.
Where greens are on pinpoint: F4/F5 with about equal likelihood.

You might want to bookmark my comment for reference, this way you don’t have to waste time asking anyone about where people are located on for pinpoint.

Shams Little Pony has an interesting airstrike script. Basically, when you get an airstrike, you can’t type in coordinates to launch it. Instead, you have to stand up, right click (to zoom in with your gun) aim at something (a fort, perhaps) and hold V for several seconds.

It’s 10X better than the default airstrike script, IMO.

Although on Shams Little Pony, if you die, you still have the airstrike.

Maybe Aloha could use the script that SLP uses but instead make it so that you loose your airstrike when you die?