Adventures of Mr. Round - The Rise of the Dark Knight

The Round Dark Knight has returned to gotham. With one mission: To kill whoever is in his way. He’s back. What next.

Search for crime activities, because you are the Law… Oh wait, wrong superhero.

Drop the knife.

You go and fly around gotham. Still can’t find any crime. Where in gotham should you go to find bad guys to fight.

Fly to Moscow.

can’t. Not enough batfuel

wait is he in a plane or something
he looks like a jellyfish flying in the air

no one asked for your opinion :’(

Drop your knife!!!

k you drop your knife


Apply as A cop so you can legally chase robbers and kill them.

No use, you’re already batman and the cops hate you so yeah

If we’re illegally chasing criminals then aren’t we a criminal ourselves? Are we chasing our own tail?


You kill a person with it, since it dropped from a pretty big height.


turn yourself in because you’re a criminal