Admin Abusing Powers

One of your people Jazzer is abusing powers killing people in an arena map (top ten maps) with /kill and letting a hacker/glitcher play cancelling all the vote kicks. i would also like to know when this problem has been solved

Look Jazzer, Funnycube both of you grow up. Jazzer is a responsible guard although instead of /kill he sould have handcuffed them temporarily and Funnycube, Jazzer would know a hacker if he saw one plus hes better than you at this game and can make a hacker diagnostic better than you can. Another thing Jazzer should have gotten a full admin to go there and Funnycube its just a game bad stuff happens we all get over it. I get over kicks for “Hacking” and my fav “HAX” all the time i grow up and get over it your should too. This is my ruleing


I think that is what he meant, but since there were not and available, you did the best that you could do. which is good.

“do the best that you can do, you should desire no less, you can do no more.” -Ex Marine.

Using /kill on glitchers is not bad. I do it, we all do it. Glitchers make the game unfair. If you want the game to be unfair, then sure, leave them to glitch and ruin the game for everyone else, but if we /kill them, they eventually will learn how stupid they are.

As for the hackers, Jazzer is not a full admin so he can’t do anything about them; when there are no other admins on, nothing can be done. He said he checked them out and they didn’t seem to be hacking.

isn’t that what we have been saying? :-\

Yeah, but PXYC is an admin so him > everyone else

head goes boom

To be honest, /kill isn’t that effective. EDIT: I derped and forgot guards dont have silent commands.

Also, by any chance, was that “hacker” a person by the name of herp derp? If it is, he’s not hacking, just good at the game.

Lol just another day on the job huh Reki. Dishing out that justice by the truckloads. Its called respect people, you have to respect a guard or admin’s judgement even if it goes against what you believe.

So who cancelled the vote kicks?

Of Course! he was hacking. I was even there!

Jazzers, /hackinfo doesn’t solely determine if one is hacking or not. I’ve seen hackers with >1 ratio, 20% rifle acc, and 0 snaps snap in front of me. I always go on spec even though the controls suck, but guards can’t go invisible. A hacker can reduce by simply shooting the air and lower there ratio by nading themselves.

Here at aloha, we stress the importance of actually observing your targets when in-game. Number of people screaming “h4x”, accuracy scripts, and circumstantial evidence is not good enough.

Funnycube, I apologize for assuming it was “herp derp”. What was the name of the player who you thought was hacking? If I can get a name, then I can start tracking them.

his name was “Dan” that simple

lol it was dan. i’ve played with him a couple times.

Well, this might be a problem. “Dan” is common and non-specific enough that I can’t go around observing any Dans I see.

If you see him again, run to the IRC and message one of the admins, they can get his IP or something.

It would be possible to track this specific “Dan” if we had an exact date that this took place.