Adding refill to Pinpoint

So my idea is to add refill on the pinpoint server after either 10/15 kills. It wouldn’t be an airstrike, it would just be a refill (health, nades and bullets). This would allow players to go full rampage (if they are capable to do that).

This would cause the same problems with air strikes. Having refill on streak will just not be good for pinpoint imo. As it is a small map and easy to get streaks on, I don’t think players need a streak reward unless we want the server to be an extreme rape fest.

Combine and, and have it under the alias “supply”
one per life

Genius idea there

Well not necessarily, if the refill if after 20 kills (which are kinda not that easy to achieve) then it’s fine I guess.


I can make a supply script real easy. Snip a bit from, change health to refill and the alias +name and some other things.

I don’t know, water campers 8) would love that, which isn’t a good thing.

Pinpoint is a traditional rifle skills server where there is a perfect blend of rifle usage and building going on for an advantage over the other team.

Having to go back to tent or die for ammo is a pretty important part of pinpoint. People that excel at rifle usage would own the less skillful players making them quit more often.

Especially if they get in your spawn. Then you really get graped in the mouth.

I think a /medkit wouldn’t be such a bad addition to PinPoint, it might be more advantageous to those with medium to high lag problems as you can often take “bullshit bullets” and lose precious HP and be forced to pull back to the tent which is literally miles away at opposing spawn.

a 20+ Reward…hmmm tricky would give people a reason to not only better their game but encourage more strategic playing. But campers could potentially exploit this and never be moved from their spots which would affect the swing of the game. Pinpoint’s meant to be a struggle, an endless pushing and pulling of one spot/capture point. Hardly a struggle if all you have to do is camp for 20 kills to get a refuelling and perpetually (potentially regarding skill levels) hold down the point. Get two good campers lodged in? Game over for the team on the backfoot.

agreed and yes maybe medikits will be useful for laggy players like me.

Or…we could just make it ammo resupply too. All you have to do is “refill on (insert command)”

If this came to pass I think a better idea to even things out would be to have both an ammo resupply and a medkit, but only let the player have one of them per life.

Example: Player join and spawns, plays awhile and his health and ammo are running low. Have the player choose which of the two kits he wants either health or ammo, he can’t have both.

In my opinion IF this was to be done this would be the best way to even it out and not over power the additional feature.

Just an idea. I personally like pinpoint just fine the way it is.

what i don’t like about ammo and health refills is it’s artificial from the enemy’s perspective. e.g. shooting a guy who should die but he doesn’t because his health magically refills…

if anything refills should require some kind of task outside normal gameplay, not just for killing people. touch the top of the map in the very center of the map to get a refill or something like that would be better.

you can already refill anyway by just walking back to your spawn…

Well…at least ammo. I dont care about health.

Yea something like touching the enemies tent or something. A feat to be rewarded.

I dunno about touching the sky. That would be kinda throwing babel into it and getting there would be nigh on impossible.

Yeah that would be good, only ammo-refill.

Walking back is a possiblity, but if you rush and you wasted your half ammo for sniping and the other half for rushing…
Than you cant run back to your tent, so it is your safe death. And thats sometimes annoying.