Ace the king's new medivel game

Hi guys! I am making a game like the batman one if you like it give mine a try. Check as much as I have done if you want in Supercool build start at G2 and then venture your way up to the huge gate find a way in and if you start at G3 you will automatically be recognized and in trouble for cheating. If you want you can help me if I supervising the server ty for your cooperation. Hope your going too have a fun time ;D.

Latest updates: Secret entrance, Poisoning tricks, Awesome graphics, Another different entrance, Tanks, And zombies I know that’s a bit but I just started yesterday and I am a loner at doing it it’s really similar to the batman one. Special thanks to FerrariFlunker he is helping with technical difficulty and programming etc. He’s really helpful also. hope ya try it out.