Ace of Spades: Build Only



  • The build only gamemode allows players to build to their heart’s content without the risk of other players destroying their creations.
  • Players can /claim and also /share an entire map sector (64x64x64) to build on the server.
  • The gamemode also provides complex build commands to allow for faster building and dynamic creations.


View our server list and find/join the build-only server.


Register an account on

  • Join the build-only server then login to your account from the in-game chat: /login [user] [pass].
  • Stand on an unclaimed map sector (A1, B5, etc.) then type /claim to take ownership of it.
  • If all sectors are claimed, please let the staff know on Discord and an admin can free one up for you.

Note: when you reconnect to the server, you must relogin to build/destroy in your sector.


  • Anyone with an forum account can /login [user] [pass] then /claim the unclaimed map sector (A1, B5, etc.) they’re standing on, which will then assign their account as the sector owner.
  • You can share your sector with others by using /share [user] (they must be logged in).
  • Every account can own only one sector, but can be “shared” owners to unlimited sectors.
  • Only the owner(s) of a sector can build/destroy blocks in that sector (must be logged in).
  • Hover over a map sector on the status page or type /sector (while standing on one) to see who, if anyone, owns that sector.


Sector Commands

/claim - Claim the sector you’re standing in for yourself (as long as it’s unclaimed).

/unclaim - Unclaim the sector that you own.

/share - Usage: /share [name of user who is logged in] - This command will share your claim with another player.

/unshare - Usage: /unshare [player] - This command will unshare your claim from another player.

/sector - Check whether the sector you are in is owned.

/findsector - Returns a list of all the sectors that are unclaimed.


/gt - Usage: /gt [sector] - This command will teleport you to the specified sector (A1, B3, etc)

/teleport (/tp) - Usage: “/tp [username]” - Teleports you to the named user’s location.

/fly - Allows you to fly into the air when repeatedly pressing ctrl and space.

/build - Give yourself permission to build.

/rapid - Toggles the ability to quickly place and remove blocks.

/unstick - Use if you are stuck inside of blocks. You will be moved to the nearest free area.

/paint - Use the Sneak Key (Default V) while holding block to change color of block you are aiming at from a distance up to 32 blocks away.

/wall - Usage: /wall # - Each block you place will place a column of blocks the specified # of blocks high. Using a negative number will build a column down from the starting point. (/wall without a # to toggle off)

/dw - Usage: /dw # - Each block you remove with spade will remove the specified # of blocks up from the one you destroy.

/floor - Place a block at each corner of the area you would like to create a rectangular plane. Builds the plane at the height of the first block placed regardless of the height at which the second block is placed.

/df - Break a block at each corner of the area you want to remove. Removes a rectangular plane. Each corner of the selected plane must be at the same height.

/box - Usage: /box or /box filled - Place a block at each corner (bottom corner and opposite upper corner) of a rectangular prism to generate a hollow (default) or filled box shape. It is often necessary to first use /wall to have somewhere to place your upper corner block.

/db - Break blocks at each corner (bottom corner and opposite upper corner) of a rectangular prism to remove any blocks contained within the defined rectangular prism.

/plane - Usage: “/plane 0 0 x y” where x is the starting position (0 being the point that you place the block and negative values being higher for floating blocks) and y is the ending position. You need to actually type a negative sign to make the wall go up. Positive values in y will go down. Place blocks individually or right-click to line build. (ie: /plane 0 0 -20 -25 will build a 5 high wall 20 blocks off of the ground) Also note that this is a deletion tool when using the spade to remove blocks.

/sculpt - Toggles ability to add and remove blocks at a distance by holding a block and left click to add or right click to remove blocks. Can be used with other build commands such as box, floor, wall, etc. (Known bug: May cause blocks to spray uncontrollably if changing tools too quickly.)

/button (/b) - Creates a button that can be pressed. See the Button/Platform/Triggers section for usage details.

/platform (/p) - Create a platform that can be controlled by a button. See the Button/Platform/Triggers section for usage details.

/action (/ac) - Make a button do something. See the Button/Platform/Triggers section for usage details.

/trigger (/t) - Tell a button when to act. See the Button/Platform/Triggers section for usage details.

/save - Saves all platform and button data.

Advanced Commands

/grf - Set the Gradient FROM Color while holding block.

/grt - Set the Gradient TO Color while holding block.

/gr - Toggles gradient drawing on and off. Right-click drag out a gradient line. The longer the line, the more colors between FROM and TO colors.

/qbcopy [colored] - Place blocks in bottom and top corners of a polygon to copy that area of the map. Orientation will be relative to your position and direction when placing the first copy block. If you do not type “/qbcopy colored” the copied area will have no color data.

/qbsave filename - Save copied area to the server for later use.

/qbload filename - Load saved model.

/br - Place currently copied or loaded model in the map. Place a block to initiate building.

/qbrecord - Record all blocks that you place and destroy into the quickbuild buffer.

/qbclear - Empty the current quickbuild data.

/qbrotate - Rotates the current quickbuild data.

/qbshiftorigin - Shifts the origin of the current quickbuild data.

/qbuild - Builds the current quickbuild data.

/big - Makes your head larger.

/small - Makes your head smaller.

/resethead - Resets the size of your head.



/b or /button [command]
Starts button creation. Just build a block with the desired color. A default button only has a Press trigger and no actions, so you’ll need to make it do something with /action.

Press the SNEAK key (V) while in any button mode to get information about the button you’re looking at. Must be holding spade tool.

new [label]
Starts button creation with a label already attached.

name [label]
Labels a button. It’s recommended to name things to avoid mistakes.

Disables or enables a button. A disabled button does nothing.

cooldown [seconds]
The button will be able to be activated only once in the specified interval. Default is 0.5 seconds.

Destroys a button, removing the block.

When you get asked to select a button, you can use this command to automatically choose the last button you selected or created.


/p or /platform [command]
Starts a new platform or enables you to edit them by specifying a command. To build a platform, put down blocks delimiting the size of the floor-- two blocks in opposite corners is sufficient.

Press the SNEAK key (V) while in any platform mode to get information about the platform you’re looking at. Must be holding spade tool.

new [label]
Starts a new platform with a label already attached.

name [label]
Labels a platform. It’s recommended to name things to avoid mistakes.

height [height]
Forces the platform to raise or lower to the specified height.

Freezes or unfreezes a platform. A frozen platform won’t move.

Destroys a platform, removing all of its blocks.

When you get asked to select a platform, you can use this command to automatically choose the last platform you selected or created.


/t or /trigger [command]
Triggers are what makes a button know when to act and when not to.

add [action]
Adds a trigger to the button.

set [action]
Set deletes all previous triggers first, making the new trigger the only one.

Fires when a player normally hits the button with the spade.

distance [radius=3]
True when a player gets within blocks of the button (note: box distance, not sphere).

track [radius=3]
Same as distance, but tracks one player and only one player. Useful for creating a button that requires a specific number of nearby players. Multiple buttons are required for multiple players.

height [height]
True when the platform is exactly the specified height.

Lists the triggers present in the button you select.

“Triggers in ‘mybutton’: #0 player press OR #1 player distance=5 [CHECK]”

#0 and #1 are the trigger indexes to be used with /trigger delete. [CHECK] means the trigger currently yields true. The player in this case is near the button, but hasn’t pressed it.

This button uses OR logic, meaning that EITHER of these triggers firing is enough to activate the button.

delete [#|all]
Delete a single trigger in a button by specifying its index. Trigger indexes can be looked up by using /trigger list.

Negative indexes can be used too: -1 is the last added trigger, -2 the one before that, and so on. Specifying ‘all’ instead of a number erases all the triggers.

logic [and|or]
“AND” will make the button activate when ALL its triggers yield true.
“OR” will make the button activate when ANY of its triggers fire.

Makes a button become silent or resume playing the animation when it activates.


/action [command]
Makes a button do something.

add [action]
Adds an action to the button.

set [action]
Deletes all previous actions first, making the new action the only one.

See /trigger for more information on who the “activating players” are.
height [height] [speed=0.25] [delay]
raise [amount] [speed=0.25] [delay]
lower [amount] [speed=0.25] [delay]
elevator [height] [speed=0.75] [delay] [wait=3.0]

Speed determines how fast the platform moves, in seconds.
Delay is the amount of time spent waiting before the platform starts to move.

Elevators can wait an amount of time at the end of the journey, before heading back.

teleport [x y z|where]
Moves the activating player to the specified coordinates. Using ‘where’ instead takes the last location where you stood and executed the /where command.

chat [text]
Sends ‘text’ to the activating player. You can put text between quotation marks to allow right justifying with spaces, for example: " Hello!"

damage [amount]
Hits the activating players for that many hitpoints. Use negative numbers to heal.

Lists the actions present in the button you select.

“Actions in ‘mybutton’: #0 platform ‘myplat’ height(5) –
#1 player teleport(16, 16, 32)”

#0 and #1 are the action indexes to be used with /action delete. ‘myplat’ is the name of the platform the height action is affecting, in this case making it 5 blocks tall.

delete [#|all]
Delete a single action in a button by specifying its index. Action indexes can be looked up by using /action list.

Negative indexes can be used too: -1 is the last added action, -2 the one before that, and so on. Specifying ‘all’ instead of a number erases all the actions.

Helpful Links

command usage intro/how-to:
SuperCool Blog: SuperCool Build Standard Command List for Account Holders

how to make platforms, buttons, and triggers:
SuperCool Blog: Platforms, Buttons and Triggers by hompy now available on SuperCool Build

how to make doors with locks:
SuperCool Blog: Platform Tutorial - Simple Door Locks

how to make doors with combination locks:
SuperCool Blog: Advanced Platform Tutorials - Combination Locks




If you have any questions, please ask below!

Just saying if your forum account has multiple words you use “” around your name
/login “user name” password

they can walk in your sector and look around but they can’t build or destroy blocks, yeah


actually I dont get it because.where do I apply at itss just the home so where can I apply there?

You just need to have a forum account
Then hop into the build server and login
/login “fourm username” “forum password”
stand on an unclaimed map sector (A1, B5, etc.) then type /claim to take ownership of it
Hope it helped

Is there a topic to show our creations ? I didnt find it :(.
Well, i made two things in D8 (build server), a “castle” (for Count Dracula) and a secret box (i wonder what is inside !). Feel free to visit them :D.

Sorry in advance, i know it is not the right topic, but… :’(

Request: Let people use /goto to get to where they want to build faster

There is /gt which is almost the same as /goto, only diference is that /gt spawns you in the sky

Ah, alright. Wasn’t under the commands in OP so didn’t know.

The build server has had significant updates.

See the BuildCon thread for a detailed history.

Also, I’ve just unclaimed a bunch of old sectors, so anyone unable to get one can get one now.

More info about claiming sectors copied from BuildCon:

From the server status page you can see what sectors are claimed, and who currently in the server has permission to build where. Put your cursor over the coordinates and it’ll tell you who owns that sector.

Now, in order to claim a sector, you must login. Anyone with a forum account can build: it’s done automatically when you registered on our forums here on If you haven’t registered yet, do so now! There’s no need to apply for trusted or anything like that. Just having a forum account is all you need. When on the server, you simply use:

/login forumname password
/login “my forum name” password

Where forumname is the exact spelling of your forum name here, and your password is the same as well (you can change your in-game password to be different from your forum password under profile > modify profile if you’d like). If your name has spaces in it, just wrap it in “quotation marks”. Example: /login “o hai there” mypass

Once logged in, you’ll have access to the following commands:

This allows you to claim a sector as your own, if it hasn’t been claimed by someone already. You can only claim ONE sector at a time.

This removes your claim. You’ll no longer be able to build on your sector, but you can claim another one. Anyone you shared this sector with will also no longer be able to build on it (although anyone can claim it now).

/share PLAYER
Use this command to share your sector with anyone you’d like currently on the server. They must be logged in, however, to be able to build on your sector. Replace PLAYER with the name of the player you’d like to share with, or just use their # as listed by pressing tab in game. Example: /share ei8htx, or /share #5. Obviously, you must have already claimed a sector to share one.

/unshare PLAYER
Use this to unshare a sector with someone. The player must currently be online on the server. If they’re not online, a work around would be to quickly /unclaim your sector, and then reclaim it. This would make you the only owner, and all persons who were shared before will have lost their privileges.

This command tells you the coordinates of the sector you’re in, and who currently owns it, as well as anyone else the sector is shared with.

Tells you all the sectors currently unclaimed.

;D finally i can build something

Awesome, glad you can.

If anyone reading this can’t find a sector (use /findsector) then feel free to PM me (click the grey talk bubble below my avatar). I’ll find you a sector.

i want to make a elevator in my house but i dont know how to

Our server has most if not all the commands from the original SuperCool build, credit to their scripters for providing us with those commands and credit to the owner, JohnRambozo, for providing us with this tutorial.

To make a platform you use ‘/platform new’ and then you build a (filled) square, no click n drag, then you make a button with ‘/button new’ and then lastly you add an action to the button with '/action set elevator '. Look at the tutorial to understand what each command does.

I’m not even sure if normal players can use platforms so… maybe ask someone else to do it and explain how you wanna do it.


All persons are automatically SuperDuperBuilders now, and have access to the full range of commands.

… i tryed logging in and I know its possible but i tryed to do my pass and name but I put in my pass and my name and it dont work Help

Can you list some commands…? All I know is /fly /build /rapid /wall.