Ace of Spades "1.0" OpenGL sneak peek

an anonymous user by the name of zombieeeeeeee shared links to these images in the #AoS@QuakeNet IRC:

several official sources have confirmed the legitimacy of these images, but it’s uncertain whether they are actual in-game screen shots or external renders.

the anonymous user also shared this text, which is an unconfirmed upcoming press release:

<+zombieeeeeeee> JAGEX FIRES NEW LIFE INTO THE FIRST PERSON SHOOTER GENRE WITH ACE OF SPADES <+zombieeeeeeee> PROTOYPE HITS 2.5 MILLION INSTALLS AHEAD OF A FULL RELEASE IN DECEMBER 2012 <+zombieeeeeeee> CAMBRIDGE, UK – Thursday 1st November 2012: Jagex, Europe’s largest independent games studio, today formally unveiled details of its previously unannounced innovative shooter, Ace of Spades. The game, which has already gathered a loyal underground following during its prototype phase of 2.5 million installs, will launch on Steam in December 2012. <+zombieeeeeeee> Ace of Spades is the latest title from the multi-awarding UK studio behind the leading free-to-play browser MMO, the recently announced Facebook Racer, Carnage Racing, and the eagerly anticipated Transformers Universe MMO. <+zombieeeeeeee> Ace of Spades is a retro-looking intelligent creative shooter that gives players complete strategic freedom over a battlefield they can evolve and built on throughout a game session. Featuring up to 32 players, Ace of Spades destructible environments are only limited by the imagination of the players creating them. The game provides players with all the ‘world-building’ freedom of a voxel-based sandbox, but with the addition of competitive, team-based multiplayer FPS gunplay. <+zombieeeeeeee> The game provides a rich and compelling experience to fans of first person shooters looking for a game which will allow them to express their creativity while satisfying their thirst for fast-paced gameplay. Creativity is key to succeeding in Ace of Spades as the game gives players the freedom to construct anything from simple bunkers to elaborate fortresses and tunnel networks. <+zombieeeeeeee> This adds a new and innovative component to the game giving players unrestricted freedom to plan their own battles, construct purpose-built defences, and adapt the environment in real-time, changing the course of the battle. <+zombieeeeeeee> Ace of Spades seamlessly combines both combat and construction in real-time, players are able to utilise fortifications, coordinated assaults, stealth and strategy tactics in their attempt to achieve one of a variety of set objectives or can design their own bespoke games and objectives to obliterate the enemy from the map. <+zombieeeeeeee> Jagex CMO David Solari commented, “If you’re tired of the same old first person shooters, coming out year after year with a fresh lick of paint and a hefty price tag, then Ace of Spades will tick all the boxes for you, offering an all action multiplayer featuring up to 32 player FPS combat and a fully customisable environment which will continuously develop throughout your battle.” <+zombieeeeeeee> Solari continued, “Despite keeping this game under the radar during development, it has still proved to be hugely viral with more than two and half a million players entering the prototype phase. Ace of Spades is set to take FPS to the next level, adding evolving tactics and strategy to twitch FPS gameplay. We have blended the artistic style of voxel-based sandbox games, such as Minecraft, with the class based combat of titles like Team Fortress, and added an extra dimension with real-time evolving battlefields to create a game which we firmly believe will appeal to FPS gamers looking for a bigger challenge.” <+zombieeeeeeee> The game, which has been developed by Jagex and a small team of talented independent developers, has been running a massively successful prototype since April last year which has been downloaded in excess of 2.5 million times and currently has 550,000 active monthly users. <+zombieeeeeeee> The full version Ace of Spades featuring an improved graphics engine and an armoury of new weapons will be available to download from Steam in December 2012 for a small one off fee. <+zombieeeeeeee> Further details about Ace of Spades can be found on the games website:

+1. Looks decent. Still mad about what’s happening to the AoS forums, though.

+1 for correct number of "e"s in “zombieeeeeee”. Looks awesome.


They are gonna make this total crap, give it a ton of “special fx” and make it not run on old machines then release it with a new weapon and then attract the crap runescape community.

I wish I had never joined AoS.

hmmmmmmmm … this will be an intresting turn of events lets wait and see how this pans out. I for one run this on an old computer, if it knocks me offline, well lets just hope it doesnt effect me to much. As for the small one off fee sounds like typical jagex to me.

This is crazy. One minute it’s version 0.75, the and a million hours later it’s 1.0. A jump between updates like that is quite ridiculous, if you ask for my honest opinion.

then we can has dat civilized conversation about 1.0.
+1 for the new, but notice how they gave us 24hrs to take everything off of the old AoS Fourms…
dat $#!T be crazy.

The RuneScape community was AMAZING untill a few years ago.

RuneScape was awesome till they took out the wildy in ‘07. ;’(

I remember playing that on my brothers old computer, good times :slight_smile:

you do know that they added the wild back right?

<+zombieeeeeeee> The full version Ace of Spades featuring an improved graphics engine and an armoury of new weapons will be available to download from Steam in December 2012 for a small one off fee.
I should have known this would have happened.

EDIT: I mean about paying for weapons.

The skins of the blocks/ ground looks a bit unfamiliar … Anyone agree?

Probably not.

I like Ace of Spades, but I have a really old computer and I don’t want to pay for anything in AoS, but the pics look good

I am guessing you won’t be able to run it.

My concerns about the future of AoS even though I believe Jagex killed it:

  1. Pay for weapons when we paid for the game. I ABSOLUTELY hate games that Give you options to purchase more or better weapons. Aka, I don’t want AoS to become a pay-to-win game. One payment for the game and final.

  2. The removal of the original site admins. Even though some may be rude and strict, I believe they are better at updating and maintaining the game and forums, considering the little activity shown by the Jagex employees on the forums and IRC. I think the forums being moved is there attempt to get rid of the old staff. SallytheButcher herself said that she would like “to start fresh with the team too, and let people earn their place within the community again.” I see this as a scheme to replace the admins.

I’m hoping that there will be a free version of the game maybe .76 even if it has no new weapons off some sort,I would still play AoS if not well bye AoS it’s been a great run but there is 50% chance someone could release a cracked version of it,But its just 50% so i’m hoping right now if they release a cracked version or maybe a free version of AoS. ;D

Talked to that zombie guy a few minutes ago:
[15:03] <+Chase_UC> zombie, how did you even get that information?
[15:04] <+Chase_UC> The 1.0 pictures and that press crap?
[15:04] <+zombieeeeeeee> I was bored and used photoshop, mate.
[15:05] <+Chase_UC> And you had the time to write up that whole announcement post?
[15:05] <+zombieeeeeeee> Oh I have time. I could write a book if I wanted to.
[15:06] <+zombieeeeeeee> Who said they were 1.0 pictures though?
[15:06] <+zombieeeeeeee> Maybe they are 0.78 pictures?
[15:07] <+zombieeeeeeee> Or 0.87.
[15:07] <+zombieeeeeeee> Or 3.141592
[15:07] <+Chase_UC> Well, congrats
[15:07] <+Chase_UC> You fooled a lot of people, lol
[15:09] <+zombieeeeeeee> Tomorrow. 14.00 GMT.
[15:09] <+zombieeeeeeee> We’ll see who fooled who.
[15:10] <+zombieeeeeeee> You have just been Jagex’d.
[15:11] <+Chase_UC> Funny because I sent that to Sally to see her opinion on it, lol
[15:11] <@StackOverflow> of course they’re going to deny it
[15:11] <@StackOverflow> they deny everything
[15:11] <+zombieeeeeeee> This never happened, what are you talking about StackOverflow?
[15:11] <@StackOverflow> nothing, sir
[15:13] <+zombieeeeeeee> Carry on. Progress to keep admin status […I…]

Not really sure if we can believe this, although he is quite mysterious.

I hope that are not in-game screenshots. It looks too polished to me, AoS would loose a lot of its retro-charm with all those shades, fx and light effects.

If i have to pay for my rifle I will be beyond pissed!