abusing votekick

My old name was black diamond, but I stopped using because it has a fake using this name. He is griefer and other things, the problem is that he finds me in games and is banning me.
I was told that I had been banned for aimbot in aloha.pk but I do not remember that this happened…
I never used aimbot or any hacker.
and now that they know I was black diamond and I was supposedly banned by aloha.pk ( what do not happen ) they banned me saying the reason was the fact that I was banned by aloha.pk.
and already makes more than half an hour that I was banned but I can not play in any of the servers aloha.pk …
Why ?

This forum has a very specific section for ban appeals. Please use this template: http://aloha.pk/index.php?action=post;board=23.0 to post an official appeal, and the admin who banned you will look into the matter and respond.