A "Sort of" Retirement

After being on the hunt for a while, I have finally landed a higher paying job. Problem is, my hours from now on are going to be 6am-4pm, so that really cuts into my current usual hours here. That leaves me some time to pop into Hallway, but I most likely will be burned out after work. So while its not a complete goodbye, I wont have the free time to dedicate to Aloha like I used to. Anyway, its not like I’m dieing and I’ll be checking the forums everyday and playing when I can. It’s been a hell of a year, and I’ve had a lot of fun and met some pretty cool dudes. Good luck Aloha, and keep being the best AoS has to offer!

Don’t stress over your new job. Bye! :slight_smile:

I hope you have a wonderful life Satou! I’ll see you soon :smiley:

PS. I’m still your neighbor on the aloha crew server :slight_smile:

good luck at your new job Satou

i’m glad we got to have you around when you had time to spare :slight_smile:

hope to see you every now and then

Although I never really knew you, but let’s think positive: you have landed a higher paying job. :smiley:

Ah Satou that’s great news for you personally like, but a blow for hallway. Shame I never got to talk to you like but hopefully you’ll find time to come see us in IRC and soothe our pains.


Seriously, though good luck with the job man and see you on the dark side of the spoon.

Good luck, Satou! I hope to see you on Hallway again sometime.

Good luck, and i hope that job isnt too far.

rip hallway

Good luck with your job, Satou! Hope to see you around sometimes.

Ah another one lost to life. Well I hope you like your new job and enjoy the time you spend there. Ya come check up on us every once in a while. Things will spick and span and we will still be the best server on AoS. (In my opinion)

Happy Days, So long - TwIsTeDBuLL3T

The best of luck to you Satou. You have been a good co-admin and a great mentor.

Well i have no idea who you are, but good luck working! :smiley:

Bitter sweet moment; more money, less time. Hope to see you around every once in awhile :slight_smile: Have fun at your new job!


i saw this image a while ago on Facebook and i thought it kinda related to you. hope life brings you new journeys even as you leave behind the old ones. like the saying goes: “once one door closes, another one opens”.