A Slight Problem

Hey Aloha players, it’s Aquafox here.

I wanna say thank you to the people who recently employed me for the Admin Team for taking me on board, I know it must’ve been hard work for you guys, so thanks anyway.

But, I’ve also got a slight problem, I know I’m going to be at college most of the time now, but that’s not the point.

The problem is, my laptop’s been the victim of viruses… And that now means that I can’t seem to stay on an AoS server for more than five freaking seconds… Or play Call of Duty 4 Multiplayer…

This may seem like bad news for the Admin Team, but I’ll see what I can do to try and get rid of those problems (not the college problems (Plus I like college :P), but the viruses), and hopefully I will get on and put any Moderating skills I have to good use.

Thanks everyone, I’ll try and catch you guys when I can… See you all later. :slight_smile:


In any case, good luck. I know that feel, my desktop can’t run OpenGL softwares or something and constantly crashes.

Well if you’re going to college, most colleges provide a top-of-the-line anti-virus for free. Even if you don’t live on campus they still provide it.

Good luck with your problems!

You most likely got it by downloading something or went to porn sites.

Firstly, most people will get virus from going to porn sites or pirating.
Unless you are 100% sure a file is not infected you should never download anything.
If you download music be sure the extension isn’t a .exe or .jar an extension for music should be something like .mp3, .mp4, .wav and etc.
When it comes to pirating games, it is better to simply emulate the game using the iso always check for comments, the number of seeder if it’s a torrent.

anti virus will not prevent you from getting virus, nothing will because ultimately it’s your own fault.
I have MSE and Anti Malware bytes, DO NOT PAY FOR ANTI VIRUS OR ANYTHING FOR THAT MATER. Anything free will do the same job.

firewall won’t prevent virus either they only prevent intruders or program from activating on their own.
I use the window firewall and have a rooter.

you should also get ccleaner.

If you browse the internet, it’s better to use Firefox.
While Firefox might use resources over time, it has addons that other browser don’t have.
Get Noscript and Addblock+. Always make sure they are up to dates.
Noscript will block all the scripts unless you want to run the scripts for said page.
Addblock+ will block most pop up.

If you want to download video from sites like youtube or porn sites I recommend Orbit downloader.

I’ve never had to reformat this computer since it was gifted to me and I never had real virus on it. I did get a few ad virus due to friends or family using my computer but ever since I let nobody use my computer.


The majority of this is true, but i’d get AVG instead, because on the search, it will tell you if a sight is safe or not, i.e it will have either a green check, a yellow X or a Red X on the stability of the sight.
And Google Chrome works well also

My rig: Avast Free, MBAM, Web of Trust.
Never failed me so far. Ever.

You know the motto: if you watch too many AVs, no AV can save you.
They call it a computer virus for a reason. Not a bacteria: you can never wipe it from your computer, some residue will always stay. And that residue, no matter how insignificant, will probably one day bite you in the butt.