A Flying Chair

Hello. This is the brother of player A Flying Chair. I got an aim-bot hack for Ace Of Spades and tested it out on one of his favorite servers. He got banned and because it was my fault i would like to make an appeal to get him un-banned. I think the server was zombies server, might have been another aloha server.

I am very sorry and repent my sins.




When did you do this? (date)

You are not unbanned, if that’s what you think. Every time you, or your brother are caught playing on one of our servers is considered ban evasion.

The ban was sometme last year, I have since moved out and I am a first year student. Please unban my brother. He has been playing on your maps since the beginning of Ace Of Spades. I say once again I am sorry, if I could undo my actions I would.


Wasn’t this appeal refused before?

Not getting unbanned.