A Drum & Bass track I made

Wish I could.

Cool stuff, dude. My favourite part is 1:40 onward. You’ve become very good at music production.

Thanks a lot, hoping some game developer would pick me up.

man! great mixing, too! i don’t hear any distortions or anything out of place which is nice and man, that’s a goooood dnb beat! keep it my man :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot!

Fucking old iPad with iOS 5.1.1. Can’t play this with an outdated browser.


If you’re going to put a break in like at 1:40 I recommend having it be complete silence. The human brain is drawn to contrast. Also, imo it’s a little slow for a D&B about a game character that’s very fast. And on the second chorus I’d recommend adding in something else to differentiate it from the first one. If you’re going to have a break or buildup in a song you want it to bring things to a new level not just repeat the first chorus. You could raise the pitch of it, add in another instrument (probably a treble synth), or change the tempo. Overall it sounds pretty professional though.

Thanks for criticism, will note that for more future D&B tracks.