A Cool Aimbot[-like Scope]

I use an Aimbot[-like scope]

wow you have a nice aim, but how is it aimbot?
and nice sounds, it sounds futuristic

“Aimbot-like Scope” is a simile. The point is that the scope is very accurate and can kill like aimbot.

i know what a similie is xD but yeah its a nice scope

Nice scope.
May use it one day.

A plain red dot is an aimbot like scope.

Pretty cool but quickbrown fox just put 2x2 pixels in the middle and get rid of everything else and b00m it’s accurate.

To be honest, I’m already using this scope, Glass.

The scope was created by my brother back in 2011

Click for details

Damn, I Think its just that you really have a good mouse to control your aim better or its just the scope helping you out
of measuring when to fire/shoot.