A challenge.

My classmate challenged me to play dubstep on piano. Can I ask your opinion on it?
Here it is:
P.S. May sound horrible. Watch… I mean… Listen to your risk.

No u can not.

k :frowning:

lol jk, it was great, especially at the start

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Far better than anything i can come up with xD


I didn’t think it was that good.

:’( :’(

I’m sure if you stopped producing these ungodly sounds you may yet save yourself from clinical depression.

You know, I appreciate opinions and criticism.
But this is just rude.

Kyzaca, you should be constructive

teach me

…? That was uncalled for.

Well. I thought it was pretty funny.
If me and Sanic have the same relationship that I think we have and it’s not one sided, then I’m sure he will laugh silently at the truth of the statement, and respect the objective truth that his meme music really wasn’t that good. Total respect to him for making a 4 minute piece though.

I don’t really answer to calls anyway.