A ban appeal I suppose.

Hi, my in game name is Whoknow. I usually play Minecraft, but I used to play Ace of Spades a few months ago. Or years, I don’t remember. I stopped playing when I upgraded my computer, and I fondly remember screaming at people for tearing down my sniper towers on the Pinpoint servers. Anyways, after hearing about Jagex releasing Ace of Spades on Steam, I immediately looked into finding out what happened. Apparently the developer of Ace of Spades sold the game, and Jagex is making it into some inferior TF2 clone. I play TF2 already, so I probably won’t get it. I looked into seeing what happened to the game I used to play for hours, and eventually found a new download and the “BuildandShoot” site. I clicked on the most populated server with an empty slot, hoping for some nostalgia, and get an error message saying, “Banned.” I’m assuming that means I’m banned. I had no clue what was going on, I changed my client name to “Whoknow123” to see if it was my username, but that was banned, too. So, now I’m here to appeal for a ban, I think. Or call “tech support”. Or whatever the term is.

Anyways, I suppose I should start that template thingy.

  1. I’m sure that over 6 months is long enough.

2)My in-game name is “Whoknow”, but given that I had re-downloaded the client today, I’m sure that it isn’t a name ban.

3)Server I was banned on, I got no clue. I had forgotten this game for over half a year. Probably Pinpoint if any, since that one was my favorite.

4)I’m going to take three guesses as to why I’m banned. One, that screaming in chat in caps is a permaban offense, even if it was directed at griefers. Two, that I was such an awesome sniper that someone said I had an aimbot. Three, that my genius of a little brother got my router IP-banned. I don’t consider myself an awesome sniper, so I’m thinking it’s the latter. He’s a smart kid, if he doesn’t act like it, and he often downloads a lot of things without asking. As karma, he’s gotten viruses before, but that’s off-topic. One day I caught him playing Ace of Spades with some weird texture pack thingy that changed the models. It also had boxes around players. I pretty quickly figured out that it was an aimbot client. I went off on him a few times since I discovered that, and asked him many times to uninstall it. To me, it was something minor. I thought he would get bored of it, and it wouldn’t affect me. Apparently it did.

5)I think I should be appealed because I don’t even know what happened, and I’m making guesses. My brother doesn’t play this game anymore, either. I just want to have this as an option to play when I’m looking for something to entertain myself.

6)Today is December 11th, 2012. Current time is 18:31, Eastern Standard Time. If you mean the ban date, I have no clue.

I’m guessing I did the template wrong somewhere, but I got to get back to other stuff. Can’t write this up forever.

I hope you can clear this up, or at least tell me what happened.

This is incorrect, please correct it.

I’m guessing that Grammar Nazi’s have no appreciation for playing with syntax? Such is life, I suppose.

If that’s not what you meant, use less pronouns. Saying, “This is incorrect, please correct it,” leave me having to guess if it’s the syntax, the circumstance, the template layout, or the spelling that was incorrect.

I dont think Flo’s saying that your grammar’s inadequate, but that you’re doing the “little brother”.

In other words, saying that I’m blaming on an imaginary little brother instead of taking the blame? Well, I guess he has a point then. I wouldn’t believe it myself if someone back on the forum I help run said that. It is true though, I caught him using some sort of aimbotting program a few months ago, and he played it a bit after I had stopped. I think he was under the name “killer” or something like that. Then again, supporting a theory that doesn’t sound credible probably doesn’t help me.

Still though, could I at least know what I was IP-banned for? As far as actual, grounded fact goes, all I know is that I am banned, even though I do not recall being banned when I was playing, that I haven’t played this game for a few months, and that when I tried to join one of the servers, I just got a “Banned” message on my screen.

You were using the name “progamer7211”. The reason is for aimbotting, and the ban was filed in late August.

Now I remember, it was “killer7211”. He must have changed it.

I suppose that means that when someone is IP-banned, not just their computer, but everyone using that router is also banned. Well, fits with my luck, I suppose. Guess I’m stuck then.

Before you press the |Post| Button I want you to start thinking of what you say before you say it. Why? You’re actions are definitely not proving remorse of the ban that was placed over your head. For that reason alone I do not feel enough will to actually post what I meant.

But how can I feel remorse for something I didn’t do? The only thing I feel is wronged that I should suffer for his actions. I should feel remorse if I had lied or cheated, but having done neither, I am just left puzzled and exasperated. I have no means to prove that I did not do it, yet no means to redeem myself either.

Take what you are saying yourself into consideration before you post. How can I prove remorse for something I didn’t do? The only remorse I could have is in not seizing his computer, manually uninstalling the client, and removing his administrator privileges on his own computer.

The reason we don’t believe you is the “My Little Brother did it” “EXCUSE” is mostly always used. However there has been real posts saying that the little brother did indeed do it. Like my brother did glitch on aloha arena and got me banned. But I like your post its really quite indepth and believeable but I’m just a person. Try treating the situation as you did it. And see where it gets you.

I know how often it’s used. I’m a moderator on a Minecraft server and get that excuse or the, “I was hacked” excuse half the time. Those excuses also give me the most trouble, because I cannot simply refute it unless they’re repeat offenders. I have to go and check logs and IPs and do a lot of asking around to see what the general consensus is, what exactly happened, and if they are telling the truth. Nine times out of ten, they’re lying, but there have been cases where there are players who were actually hacked, since we had a group of people for a time who were stealing accounts and sessions to avoid bans.

Anyways, if remorse is what you want, I can say that I feel remorse that I didn’t stop him from doing it. Every day in Minecraft I’m busy praising creativity and respect towards other players, trying to inspire other players to try hard and never give up, and my brother is 10 seconds away from me doing exactly the opposite by using an aimbot. I keep the philosophy that one should play a game the way it was meant to be played, with little to no modification. That way one gets the full experience it offers, and appreciates the skill certain challenges require, and experiences the full excitement over attaining that skill. My brother does not care. He continues to pull cheap tricks and lower the difficulty on things to reduce the challenge of them. His philosophy is along the line of “if I can do it, there’s no reason not to.” Chastising him on how that ruins the experience and fun of other players has no effect, so I gave up. Looking back, I see that is where my fatal mistake lies. By giving up on him, I let him loose to cause harm to others, and neglect my responsibility to teach him morals and to set an example for him. I leave him to sow seeds of indifference, and reap back that same indifference. While doing nothing wrong, I commit the petty crime of neglect. I could blame it on the fact that I have no time to teach him anything, since I am almost constantly busy, sleeping at midnight and waking at five, but that in itself is a result of my own poor organization and time management skills. These are things I can change, and things I must change.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need some comic relief before I end up being completely useless for the rest of the day.

Hi, I’m the admin that banned you. I do faintly remember this occasion, but not 100%.

I think there are ways to redeem yourself, as you so want.

Perhaps link me to said forum, it might help your case. Perhaps find a person on there to vouch for you?

I don’t remember any of it. But at this point that doesn’t seem to matter.

Here’s a link to the forum: http://minelife.webciv.net/forum/index.php

It’s a small forum for a Minecraft server I go on. I’m one of the major members of it, and have taken a strong stance against griefing since day one. I’ve been a moderator on it for ages, and I’m something of a pseudo-admin, since all the other major admins and moderators left. Given that I’m a generally disorganized, and generally short-tempered person, I’m not sure how good an idea that was.

A quick warning, the people on it are pretty paranoid about hacker groups, since server philosophy has changed in their favor over time, and are distrusting of anyone new that appears. I would say most of the regular people on it would vouch for me, save a few enemies I’ve made.

I looked through your forum link, if that really is you on there (I’m just going to assume it is) then wow, quiet the impressive amount of posts!

Taking into account how long ago the ban was, and the fact that I really want to believe you on this, I’m going to unban you. I hope to see you in game! Don’t let your ‘brother’ do anything stupid again, please.

Thanks! Don’t worry, next time I catch him trying something like that, I’ll box him in the ears and commandeer his computer.