3 words per player, 1 story

So the ru :Dles r simple. Each player gets 1 turn, can only have another turn after 2 other player gets a turn. Each player needs to say 3 words per turn, and try to form a story. The words r supposed to be indicated with : and new sentences indicated with *
User1:*Once :upon :a
User2: :there :was :a
User3: :g :Duy :named :Flerikko
User:1: *He :played :games
User4: :and :other :stuff

If you want to chat like, say haha or watever, just add a parentasis (-) after ur awnsers in the game, have fun :smiley:

:There :was :a (leme start :3)

:gamer :named :Monsta

who played Minecraft

(the ":"s are unnecessary… also you should actually copy and paste them all together in the main topic, so we can read it all together at the end without clicking through pages.)

And: died: horrendously

So no one

gives a fuck

except dosss and

SnIpEr. Then Monsta

came to rescue

dosss from horrible

water monster that

watered her plants.

What a nice

:day it is

because dosss missed

the sunny days

:,when everyone burns

because daylight cycle

is too hot.