3 minute recap of Obama vs. Romney 2012 presidential debate round 2


Wtf Izzy???Anyway who do you go for??

I lol’d pretty hard after “Candy” was agreeing with Obama and Romney just kept fumbling for the right thing to say. It sounded like “I-ja-we-oka-jaka-oba-pres-ter-a-h-well-ok” to me.

I’m not American but use to live there, I think that Obama should still be president because it looks like he is trying to solve the problems but it is too difficult. If Romney was president lets see how well he can do.

Link, please note, Obama TURNED DOWN a oil project that would have literally created over a million jobs. like, 5million.

I’m fairly certain there are reasons behind it, such as WHO or PETA or whatever giving him heat about drilling for oil.

Exactly, he had/has his hands crossed because mofo environmentalists want one, and the others want the other, yet he commited to both.

Good luck not “commiting to both” if you’re trying to be President…



Key word OIL, he is trying to get things modernized ex.Obamacare.
Also a lot of Canadians don’t want the pipeline either, are eco-terrorists were planning on blowing it up.

Its all rigged… I wouldn’t even vote for anybody, if I could… They are all going to fuck us over…

This was the most freaking stupid thing I have watched in a long time.

It was like watching a youtube comment argument in real life, EXCEPT WITH THE PRESIDENT AND A GOVERNOR! If this is where our country is heading I am definitely moving to switzerland.

Literally, they were just like “U said dis dood” “No I said dis m4n, u rong bro”

Like WTH.

It’s completely ridiculous, their arguments were based on logical fallacies. They attacked each other, not the other persons argument or belief.

WTH, seriously what the freaking heck.

If you noticed carefully, they’re trying to simultaneously attack the other person AND attack their ideas.

Hypocrisy, though not logically inconsistent, is viewed as an extremely negative thing.

Cough Romney.