2X ping

I’ve noticed my ping has gone from 50-60 on average too 130ish on average. Could you put some of those donator dollars towards increasing bandwith and otherwise making it faster.

Please do thise do this fast.
Sorry rubberbanded mid-sentence XP

This will sometimes happen to me. My average is around 40 and it will spike. Most of the time for me, though, it stays around 40.

I normally have a ping of around 190, yet it plays very good surprisingly.

I’d consider that a blessing. With 20 ms I can never ever shoot and/or kill people with >200 ms.

yeh i normally have about 80-90 mines has been spiking up to about 190-200+ ive seen 400 on top 10 maps

please PM me your trace route when you’re experiencing lag like this

my pings stays around 280ms.

Eh, clarify?

FIrst go start/window key, run, cmd and type ¨tracert west.aloha.pk¨ pm the results to izzy.

Thanks :smiley:

I would think that you should appreciate that you can even play the game.

130 isn’t even that bad. Aussies like topo and Kodiak play w/ ~200ms and its still playable. W/ 130 you don’t even notice rubber banding as much as 200ms

i run 130-140 typically, and I consider that the average, and I have had jumps as of late, but I believe its my net that’s the problem.

80-110 ms is normal for me.

BTW, this 2x ping may come from the server, but also from YOUR internet :stuck_out_tongue: I play with 40-90 ping

My internet is fine, also, use Ritter for your internet, it’s good.

Comcast high speed internet

Just don’t get hughesnet, it’s the fastest internet in the world(of hughesnet HQ where the satelites are pointed directly at), and you can get a connection everywhere (by simply measuring out the exact degrees manually after recieving your satelite in the mail)

My ping has been jumping from 290 to 530.

Please…my ping has been jumping from 400 to 1000
Also reached 16000
RIP wayne