15 ways to die in Ace of Spades

Hello Aloha Community, heres a video Largif and I made in our free time. I know self promotion is frowned upon but but here it is anyways. Check it out! :smiley:


I love the Hallway 2.0 map in the vid. It’s awesome.

. Pretty great vid. Im always the one that kills the party xD.

I am always trying to get an AC kill :3

Wind spirit
I have some more ways to die :smiley: if you want me to send em to you, PM me.

I love doing that :wink:

funny video indeed, I liked it

AC kills allday erryday on zombie server

Should’ve seen Kodiak’s Epic kill on Hallway.He was right at the enemy’s spawn jumoed while holding grenade.Manage to kill 2people.

I had an epic kill on minit assault. 5 kills, 1 nade. 1 instakick.

There is precicely 49 ways to die.

No pokefan, there are more. In fact, I am helping Wind with another video. But if you guys don’t like it, we wont make it.

How are we supposed to know if we want a video when it hasn’t been created -_-

Thank you all, glad (most) of you liked it!! ;D

I am talking in terms of linear game mechanics. The total possible deaths is mostly influenced by the map dynamics and player playstyles.

There is something called a video editor.

No offense, but spawn camp kills from behind don’t count unless you give them a 5-sec head start (Then it’s open season on the range).

Name them then

Rifle, shotgun, spade, SMG, fall damage, grenade, and one other I can’t remember
Also, with some basic multiplication, I found the possible combinations (I.E. hit by shotgun, then finished off by rifle.)

Hmm interesting. It’d be cool if there actually were exactly 49 programmed ways to die in this game. I wonder…

Considering the varying amounts of damage grenades do, I’d imagine its a lot more.