I was playing on 24/7 zombie pinnicle and something very strang had happened.My teamate and I were building an airbridge across the map.When killed many zombies bellow us.One zombie in piticular stood out.He was shooting our skybrige and the blocks were actualy breaking.Aventualy,he made the skybrige fall.Id like to make a request.Please take off all gun features to zombies so another incident like this wont happen.They arent even meant to be able to use guns.It says it in the chat.Yet they can still break blocks with them.This is ridicolous and needs to be changed. >:(

a zombie gets human powers when he captures the human intel. Dany0 designed it that way intentionally, it has been like that for a long time. it’s his script so it’s running his way. maybe you can convince him to change it ;D

Actually, what he is talking about is possible without capping intel. Zombies can do block damage with guns whenever.

ah, he’s right zombies shouldn’t be able to destroy blocks with guns