Zombies mode: a suggestion.

I have found that zombies in the eponymous mode are grossly underpowered, which results in their having a lower chance of winning a match. Humans currently have a series of advantages, that can be summarized as follows:
1. SNIPING: They are able to shoot zombies from afar, thus gradually reducing the enemy’s health. A zombie does not have this advantage, as his attack forces him to be next to his enemy.
2. FAST KILLING: A decently-aimed SMG burst at a short distance has a high chance of almost instantaneously killing a zombie. A zombie does not have this advantage, since his attack takes time to succeed.
3. AVOIDANCE: They can avoid a zombie’s attack simply by keeping a distance. A zombie does not have this advantage, as his attack forces him to be next to his enemy.
4. SAFETY: Their attack enables them to kill enemies without even receiving a scratch. A zombie does not have this advantage, as his attack forces him to be next to his enemy.

The aforesaid issues can be solved simply by increasing the damage a zombie can do and reducing the effectiveness of human firearms. A game is more fun if both sides have an equal chance of coming out with a win, don’t you agree?

Thanks for reading.

I agree.

yes balance always seems to be an issue with zombies mode. we have done so much testing to try to make it as balanced as possible, the result is what we have now. personally i think zombies are overpowered because i get many more kills when i play as zombie than when i play as human, but there are many people like you who think humans are overpowered. the maps in the rotation were chosen because they give zombies an advantage if used wisely. stay out of sight and use super jump on walls to sneak up to humans. :slight_smile:

I always play as human and think that zombies are weak, mainly because of the shear power of the smg and how humans get replenishing supplies of health and ammo when zombies don’t.

…You kidding?
Zombies have proper balancing at the moment.
Basically, you need to play like a ninja. Once your enemy sees you, you’re screwed.
Dig a tunnel under your enemy, then superjump behind him and kill him.

The reason why zombies seems underpowered is because they’re much more team based than humans.
A human may backpedal away from one zombie, but not from two.
As such, you want to have at least 10 on each side for the server to be fun.

Finally, here’s an analogy: each human brings +5 to the team, while each zombie brings +# of zombies.
So for humans: +5, +5, +5 for every human player…
For zombies: +1, +2, +3 for every zombie player…
As you can see, zombies are heavily disadvantaged until around 9-10 players, at which point it’s pretty even.

Humans have a build menu, could zombies possibly have a tunnel menu?

I think humans need to be nerfed, coming from a player who is die-hard human (and blue).

Here is my suggestion. Take away sprinting from humans.

I tried this one for the first time today and was really impressed.

The balance on this, is IMO very good. I felt nearly invincible playing the zombie and power jumping up buildings, massacring whole squads of humans.

I didn’t stay in a group when I played zombie, I ambushed around corners and ran across building tops. Played right, the zombies are very overpowered.

Bravo whoever made this mode!

Oh god that would be terrifying.

Still, the humans will have a superiority with their guns.

But greens wont still have a huge advantage over blues.

Well, for the zombies like you that actually can be sneaky, it would be terrifying for the Humans.

But for the vast majority of Zombies that either only know how to or only like to do frontal assaults (this includes me) it wouldn’t make a HUGE difference, but it would make a small difference. We could now sprint up to our foes and brutally murder them with our spades.