Zombies game mode, tips and tricks

Because I’ve played games where people don’t know what the intel is. Post your own tips and tricks!

-Use the SMG. Seriously. The shotgun and rifle are useless. Especially the shotgun.
-If a zombie is moving towards you or is stationary, you can kill them with one mag by crouching and spraying directly into their head.
-If a zombie is coming at you, turn around and run. Don’t bother shooting at them until you’re in safety because you have to slow down to shoot.
-If a zombie is chasing you, don’t bother aiming down sights. It slows you down too much.
-You can slow a close zombie down by placing blocks on the ground, they’ll usually be sprinting and so the block will act as an obstacle.
-Cut down the trees, and avoid making any barriers. When you’re backwards-sprinting the last thing you want is to hit a tree and get killed. Also with less obstacles it’s easier to shoot the zombies.
-Try to get to an open area or a high up area. This way you can see any approaching zombies.
-Keep an ear out for explosion noises, it’s probably a zombie super jumping.
-If there are a bunch of zombies who aren’t going anywhere fast, throw all your grenades straight at them and then start shooting at one individual.
-If there are a lot of drops around you then you might want to build some quick stairs. Zombies can super jump, so every wall is an obstacle to you and not to them. Building stairs helps to mitigate this problem.
-Cover your intel in a little ring of blocks x3 high. This will slow down any zombies trying to collect it. Leave the top of the ring open so that if a zombie tunnels under the ring then you can jump in after them and shoot them as they escape down their tunnel.
-Constantly check behind yourself.
-When you see a human running from zombies, shoot the zombies attacking him. If he complains that you stole his kill, slap his face.
-If you’re surrounded by zombies and have no hope of survival then stop, take out a grenade and pull the pin, but do not throw it. The zombies will come in close to spade you and will get killed or damaged by the resulting grenade blast.

-You cannot use a gun! Use a spade! Why do people use the gun?!
-Pick the SMG. Reasons will become apparent.
-It’s tempting to hold down your left click whilst running at humans, but you won’t catch up to them that way. Sprint at them until you’re clipping through their body, then slow down and spade them.
-Try to stay out of human’s line of sight. Keep to the lower levels and work around until you’re as close to the human as you can guess, then super jump up behind them. You have to come up behind them because otherwise they can just turn around and run away.

  • You can still dig without super jumping with the right-click dig.
    -If you see any humans building straight up into the sky so that they have a high vantage point, use your useless SMG to shoot the bottom block and then they’ll fall to the ground.
    -When you collect the intel you should find a high vantage point near your base and shoot any humans you see. The SMG is best for this. If you can’t find humans, use the map (M) and watch for their bullets. Try to keep low because you’re extremely vulnerable this way. Don’t bother going into the enemy’s base because you’ll be shot very quickly.
    -As a zombie you should find your own intel and then dig it into a large pit below the ground. Open the area out so that you have a large open pit. When a human finds the intel, they will drop down the hole at the top and land in the pit where you will have no problem killing them. If you are a human-zombie then you can place blocks over the top of the pit so that humans have more trouble getting down. You should make a little secondary pit to run to in case a human throws grenades down into the pit.
    -If you’re in a great position close to the intel but are low on health, you might as well wait for your squad mates to spawn on you. This way if you die you can respawn at the same area.
    -If the enemy team only needs one more cap to win, you can dig their tent really far down into the ground and hide at the bottom. When the enemy comes with the intel you can spade them before it is capped. The intel will be left at the bottom of the pit, and anybody who comes down to cap it can be easily killed too. As before, you’ll have to dig a little secondary pit to escape to when grenades are thrown down. Also you can super jump out of the pit to kill people shooting down at you.

Both teams:
-The best ways to get the intel is to flank around the outside of the level and tunnel through the enemy base. You can tunnel under the intel and grab it without having to emerge.
-If you have the Intel or are going to collect the intel, don’t bother attacking anybody even if they seem unsuspecting. Just run back to base.
-Don’t teabag enemies. They will only laugh at you as you’re killed mid-bag.

I got another tip zombies can build with right-clicking

If your surrounded by zombs… then rush at their weakest layer and break through it usually works. Also use the /b ability as human to block charging zombies

Zombies: At the start of the round, dig a path going below the blue base. It may take some time but your squadmates can spawn with you and you can terrorise the blues.
If you’re underground, look at your map and see if you see any blue shooting (yellow streaks coming from random places in the map). Then dig to where it is and break a block to rise and then kill the human. Be careful though there may be others so it’s wise to watch for a while for any other shots.

Add this in… for both

If the enemy intel is going home and your in a tunnel underneath make a network going to the broad areas and keep plently of secret doors in the tunnels
P.S. for any game… don’t make straight tunnels… enemies can hide near your end and shotgun or headshot or smg you to death…

Simple but effective: humans: camp on a long flat piece of land and smg every zombie that you see. If one gets too close, sprint ur ass away and when u reach a safe distance, shoot him again. Also for humans: cook grenades! they are the things that can deal most damage at one time against zombies