Zombie Server

I love your zombie server so much ;D, but you really need to tweak it. The humans are really strong in some maps, and in other maps zombies are too strong. This makes all the noobs switch to the good team, that only messing things up even more. I also don’t like how zombies can break blocks but not place them back, this makes the map ugly.

My ideas:

  • Humans get fall damage, some at least.
  • Weaker weapons, except shotgun (it was like this before)
  • Double Jump by double tap space-bar not grief blocks.
  • Power ups (getting 5 kills doubles your damage for humans, double speed for zombies for 1 min or so)
  • Unbreakable map, only can break placed blocks.
  • I will think of more.

hey panzermaster, thanks for your feedback. Dany0 made the zombie script, i will be sure to direct him here.

what maps do you think zombies are too strong on and vice versa? what makes them too strong? too much health? damage?

some of your ideas are limited by the client but some might be possible. breaking blocks to super jump is an example of getting around the client’s limitations and it’s a simple enough concept for most players to understand. there’s an existing fly script that might be worth looking at if Dany0 hasn’t already seen it but it’s kind of confusing for players to use.

i’m pretty sure fall damage has to be everyone or no one but i could be wrong. Dany0 mentioned slowing humans when their bullets hit zombies, i’m not sure if he got anywhere with that though.

i like your power-ups idea, would add some roleplay aspects to the gameplay!

i come from the side that thinks zombies are overpowered, at least on maps that have walls for them to sneak over. i can kill 20-60 humans in one streak without much effort even when the human team is stacked with players and high scores.

I don’t know any specific map names except this one. In that map zombies are hard to kill because of all the walls. But then I played another map where you don’t have much to hide behind and most of the kills was from humans.

I know modding has limitations, and breaking a blocks does seem reasonable. That is why the map should be unbreakable, only the blocks placed by humans can be broken. This will take away any griefing, and still allow for bunkers to be built.

Like you know about the airstrike script, where getting six kills gives you airstrike ability. It would be awesome to get stronger damage per shot, or faster running if your zombies, for a minute or until you die.

As a zombies I am more of a assassin killing hard targets then clearing the enemy base. I can get from zombie spawn to enemy tower with nobody knowing about it, kill the sniper, get the Intel, go back.

Hey panzer thanks for the feedback!

  1. on my will think about it list

  2. weapon balancing is my main focus since the beginning

  3. no, I like that zombies are natural griefers, it encourages humans to use quickbuild and to make better structures

  4. yup on my todo list, but I’ll have to learn twisted(a module/library pyspades uses) to make this first

  5. has been done before in AoS turned out to suck :wink:

  6. a zombie map is WIP; hopefull winston will deliver once; I personally am still trying to figure out what would a zombie map look like. I liked the WTC idea where zombie team would try to grief the twin towers and humans try to stop them and if they don’t they’d get banned(lol); however it turned out this would require a kind of pre-planning that’s waay beyond my time budget; maybe if 2 mappers and like 4 testers would co-op on this it would work, but am not sure.

I could make a double jump lol. there is a fly script but I fail to find it’s source, plus ctrl to jump again in the air is inconvenient. Though we’ve had some fun with zombies in airbattles haha.

Fall damage isn’t a problem, I could simply set the health back to previous for zombies, it could however fail if you jump like from the top of the map.

On slowing down topic - will have to learn twisted, it handles looping calls and timing stuff. Which is cool but complicated.

BTW you already have one powerup - capturing intel as a zombie makes you become human! It’s lil’ unbalancing at the moment but I’ll make sure humans will get some candy too. I’d like to extend the classes idea with the powerups. EG. some kind of achievment would turn you into a different type of zombie. But I’ll have to make it noob friendly. Have you seen how many stupid people shoot as zombies? Their chat box is spammed, all their teammates are using spades, everyone tells them to use spade, then they complain, insult you, say this sucks and quit -.-’

At pegs most of the kills were humans… because it was the first iteration of the script compatible with .60… where I’m going with this is that SMG was buffed and humans became overpowered. I’ve changed /shotgunmultiplier to /smgmultiplier, I think it’s better now, what do you think?

I can’t make the zombies run faster. That’s one limitation. Unless Ben Aksoy provides us with a server variable for that. That would be an awesome powerup too. It’s requested a lot. A small workaround is the increased range. What I’d love to do in the future is to make the zombie attack different, once you hit a human you both can’t move unless you stop damaging him for a while. Or something like that. Teammates could rescue you by shooting the zombie. This way I could make the zombie HP a lot bigger - would be much more fun. Also encourage teamwork even more and completely remove the squad spawnkilling problem. The more damaged a zombie would the smaller damage would it do per second.

About spawnbasekilling; I’ll buff the semi once more, it was fun hehe. So here is the deal, the longer the distance the more powerful the semi will be. This will encourage snipers. Also eliminates zombies trying to get to humans base unnoticed w/o tunnels (original intention)

Anyway thanks for the feedback once again!

this is Yourself’s fly script for 0.58 http://aloha.pk/files/aos/scripts/flight.py

i like the super jump, i think it’s a good balance if not too high. gives zombies that chance they need to attack and run away without being too unfair for humans.

i think slowing movement speed upon damage would be more fun than completely stopping movement. people like to have control, not being able to move takes away their freedom and that can be boring. might turn out to be really fun though, all worth testing!


hey you aloha peeps could you please upload the new zombie mod file?

the most recent version is available here [RELEASE]Zombie mod | 1.0 SOON! « Ace of Spades Game Forums

Honestly I think everyone who whine’s about the zombie maps is just a baby.
I can play on either team and demolish the enemy team single handedly! 8)
That map happens to be my favourite for zombies to!
The zombies are quite over powered strength wise, ESPECIALLY if there’s more zombies then humans!
You should make it so the teams are auto balanced that way it doesn’t get really unfair for 1 specific team.
Don’t change the strengths of the weapons, they’re all perfectly balanced except the SMG, it’s pretty much useless against the zombies.
I play your zombie map all the time and the only times I notice problems and complaints is when the teams are unbalanced or when noobs don’t know how to do anything right.

EDIT: There’s a few errors I’ve been noticing as well but I’m not sure if it’s the zombie mode or just AoS.
When grabbing the Intel my health will suddenly go from 100 to 62
After reloading my gun suddenly won’t let me fire, as if my gun had jammed

Not a problem for players as weathered as me, but for the beginners this may even make them leave the server.

can you release the script of the /b command in aloha zombies thank you :slight_smile:

it’s QuickBuild by Dany0

get it here http://pyspadev.tk/ShowCode.php?id=17

I think zombies should have more health and speed in general

their running speed can’t be changed because that’s a limitation of the client.

we’ve tested so many different values for zombie health and damage, so far the current setup seems the most balanced overall. i still kind of have mixed feelings about it though, i think i’d prefer zombies to have more health and do less damage.