Zombie mode sugestion: Reset intels

Every day it is getting even more common to see this happening:


So, my suggestion is to reset the intel if they fall in the water or reset their location every 5 minutes. It is really annoying when that happens and most of the times you don’t know who did that.

If someone doesn’t get to this remind me on Tuesday by bumping the thread.


Uh… bump again on the 19th (sorry).

Been super busy trying to get the new stats working whenever I have a break from school work.

I like the way the new stats look. Kinda cool.
Anyway, good luck!

Added a fix that’s pending restart of the server to be active. Once the intel is in the water, it will be reset in one minute if no one takes it before then.


Thanks for the coding, now we won’t have to worry about things like that. :slight_smile:

Server has been restarted and script is active and working!

Haven’t seen it in action yet, but does the script pull it to nearest land or reset intel to enemy base?

It resets it back to base.