Youtube Channel

Sup guys, I saw spring’s post so i was like, i make videos, so ill tell you guys about my channel too! But yea, my youtube channel is DUHsoALEX and i do minecraft videos and stuff, but i also will do AoS gameplays soon! I’d appreciate it if you guys gave me feedback or even subscribed.

If you’d like to record some stuff with me, pm me or comment below :slight_smile:

channel link -

Anyway, thanks guys, cya

P.S. I don’t have an avatar yet. Yes, i know it looks weird without one cause i have a banner. :stuck_out_tongue:

how do you like the new YouTube format? i was thinkin’ of changing to it but i’m still pretty hesitant before i do that.

I think that the one channel layout looks pretty good. I’m not sure if youre able to switch back if you change at the moment but i know a lot of people are waiting until they force you to have the new layout. To me, it looks a lot cleaner and polished cause you can have a “trailer” for your channel and can display your videos in playlists and stuff on the home page? - dont think you could do that before. Antvenom (minecraft youtuber) did a review on the onechannel layout so you can go check that out if you’d like, he gives a tutorial on how to change the way it looks and stuff.