Youtube Channel

Made a dedicated channel for random AoS uploads and the all important aimbot videos! First vid is a long one at nearly half an hour, but its a full round and you get to hear my strange tastes in music!


nice music


New video up of the dig me and Skutoz did last night.

Haha. I was laughing, and both annoyed at the same time. Fun video. Glad people enjoy the little things in aloha :slight_smile:

Loved the vids!!! :slight_smile:

A glorious day this is! Blue and Green cooperating together to hold a tournament of fury. We are gentlemen and have no need for guns, this is Spade Wars!

I’ll join you next time…

spade wars is my kind of fun

I don’t know how popular it would be, but we should have a spade only server. :smiley:

yup we should

That’s somewhat simulated in HvZ, except…well, actually not really.

Nice idea.

Its been a while since my last vid, but after the long wait, here we are! They say Green’s are the skilled builders, but I beg to differ!

When I saw the green in the blue base I was like “/kill satou /kill!”

Greens are skilled builders to!!! :wink: ;D

Lol, it was just Showboat taking a tour of the place. Although I’m pretty sure he wasn’t a welcome guest since he shot his gracious blue hosts!

Oh the humanity!

For your viewing pleasure, I present 1 Round of Pinpoint. Witness my shaky rifle work and marvel at my wall building skills!

Underground hotels are so passe. Mini channels his inner Donald Trump and builds a tower hotel to rule them all!