You're kidding me, right?

For those of you who think the miner is overpowered, you’re really going to hate the rocketeer. In my opinion, the miner isn’t overpowered as long as the number of miners per team is limited. But I hate the rocketeer.

Flying? In Ace of Spades? Really? And an automatic turret or sentry gun? That’s just too much.

Oh my God…
Oh my God…
Oh my God…
I’m gonna kill myself.

OMG OMG that is just stupid…Why did they make something like that??

Oh god! Jagex is a bunch of fucking retards! JEEEEEEEEEEEEEZZZZZZZZZZZZZ! I used to play this game a whole shitton, I haven’t been on since I got unbanned (over 3 months ago)! This is so shitty! Just like runescape, this game is going to hell!

I can’t tell if you guys are trolling or genuinely upset…

We’re upset :frowning:

I agree. This is too much. Like, why not keep the game simple- as it always has been and always should be? Automatic sentrys? Come on! Flying? Just not for AoS. Jagex is ruining this whole game.

What are you guys saying? I think everything is wonderful. JaGeX Studios always makes great stuff.



Jagex has tried to make other games besides runescape in the past, however, they have been all failures. They were either like runescape or no fun at all. Jagex is just going to ruin this game just like runescape…

It’s almost like they’re actually trying to ruin these games.

Well its been said buy Jagex employees have said that they don’t know how to make any other game other than runescape. So they have no idea what this game is about so they are bound to ruin it. this video “Jagex Employees Review Jagex” is pretty good on what the fuck their doing. Which is complete shit! I have a medifor for runescape and this might become AoS, If I take a shit on my lawn and put flowers around it, Yes its going to look nice but at the end of the day its still a pile of shit!

You know what I’m really worried about with this game? The servers. I checked out Runescape again a couple months ago, to see what they’ve done to it. I logged into a server near to where I live, and there was an unbearable amount of lag. It wasn’t my connection, because I could still stream videos off Youtube fine. I’m worried because if the servers for their FLAGSHIP game are SHIT, what sort of servers will the less popular games get?

I think Runescape just sucks in general because it’s using Java.

What’s bad about Java?

Java isn’t that bad though! The amount of stuff happening on Runescape at any given moment won’t warrant any problems from the language itself. It could be coded poorly thus leading to worse performance.

The lag could be any number of things.

As an example, I always find in-browser Minecraft worse than running Minecraft as a stand-alone client.
I suspect there may be a memory leak somewhere (garbage collector not doing its job).
Unless you’re playing that download-to-desktop client for RuneScape (does anyone even use that?), it could be an issue with the Java version that Jagex or you are using.

Java is bad for games like Minecraft. But for a game like Runescape Java is a very practical language to use. It’s easy to code in, and it’s good to a point. Runescape get lag caused from the language, it just isn’t doing enough for it to cause problems.

Java is especially good for RS because of the reason Java even came into being. It creates it’s own virtual machine per a computer, and each machine talks to each other rather than in other languages where it’s a lot more complicated. Blah, we learned all of this in the beginning of the year but too lazy to remember now lol

In my opinion, all the classes will be overpowered in their own way. Which is what I think Jagex did to “balance” the classes. What they didn’t realize is that the solution they thought up is ineffective and pretty bad.

Alright thanks. Anyway, the 1.0 servers will probably be laggy for people that don’t live near England because that is probably where the servers will be run.