Your laggiest moments on aloha

well, I just thought I’d create this topic since there are quite a few players complaining about lags on the server. So now, show off your highest ping, highest packet loss and overall laggiest moments. :stuck_out_tongue:
I will start with this gem I just found again.


294 is nothing I went up to 1k once

check my packet loss ;D

oh lol didnt see them

i never get to see more than 240ping, my client just decides to to disconnect at that point:(

Went to my friend’s house up in my neighborhood, he plays aos sometimes. Anyway, I went on an aloha server and the ping went up to about 2100. By the way, if you guys are looking for high ping, look at Cross’s signature. He had like 37,000 ping.

Is this topic about lag spikes or constant lag?

Any lag I believe.

Only got 1800 as my highest.

yeah you are also welcome to brag about your usual lag :smiley: There was a similar topic on the old ace of spades forum where some players had a ping of like 20000ms so I was curious to see what the aloha community has to offer in terms of laggyness (if that is even a word).

sorry can’t provide screenshots, but ask Eddy for proof that my ping reached 35000 (which is max …?) :smiley:

How can you see your packet loss? (OpenSpades)
The worst ping I got was 150 ms ::slight_smile:

good question. I don’t think there is any way to do that yet.

damn, nice one gabrui!

My Worst was in the 12,000’s, then I got kicked (Don’t have a screenshot though)

i’ve once hit the 20k lol I didn’t think about taking a screenshot tho…

I did 20k.
so laggy

Wow, that was some lag, taking 2 years to post!

Ye, I did 18K before but my ping does that rarely… ^-^ humble brag about internet here

298ms are nothing, its my average ping every time i play aos, and i ever reach 22k-24k in the past