[x] [ZOMBIES]- FKnhsai [BABEL]-UM BR ZOERO HU3 [ZOMBIES] ace of spades br

Person called FKnhsai hacking on Humans vs. Zombies at about 11:46 AM EST today. He was using Aimbot, Multibullet, and most likely a type of rapid hack.

I still haven’t found a way to download PUBovl so bear with the bad filming ;D. Infinitrix had been votekicking him so I was just telling him to wait and see if one of the staff would come so he could be banned for more than half an hour.


Aimbotter with possible ESP on babel earlier. IGN of UM BR ZOERO HU3. In the second video I thought someone coming into spectator was an admin coming(I had reported it in IRC) so I ranted on about some crap.



Person of IGN ace of spades br was using a rapid hack as well. He was banned by the server but I thought I might just include my video anyway.


To tell you the truth, I’d prefer to have a cheater votekicked than permabanned, if it means getting rid of them faster.

Hes banned now, Thank you for reporting

Oh okay, sorry then. Anyway I added a couple more hackers to the compilation d:

UM BR ZOERO HU3 and ace of spadesbr have both been banned. By the way, the “rapid hack” bans are not permanent, so your video was helpful. Thank you.

You should download and use pubovl for future reports.

Guys, pubOVL can be downloaded at:



I’ve tried to download pubovl using the links given in the post about it, but the hInjector always crashes, and the other is blocked by my PC(I know it’s not malware but my computer doesn’t). Anyway thanks haux