[x] xXKill3rXx{soro}

He wasnt aimbotting atm, BUT he said in global chat, ‘‘Can I use my aimbot pls??’’
I PM’d him saying So have you got aimbot and he said ‘’‘Maybe…??’’
We went like that for about 5 mins, then the map reset I asked again, he said

Time/Date: 10:00 PM Australian time 27/01/2013


i dont aimbot i was joking thats why people were going lol and laughing i swear i dont aimbot.
plz dont ban me plz.

so dont friken ban me plz

That was no joke Kill3r, you TOLD me, then when I said im reporting, you started telling me it was a joke, and that just makes it worse… You even tried to tell me I only use it when I have to, but, the thing is, You DONT have to use an aimbot.

i have aimbot but i never use it nd i also deleted the file nd my distance mod is gone i promiseD:

learn2grammar, I dont know what that said

like its all gone i swear i deleted my skins to i swear

katen me nd u were friends now i guess that over cause i never use it that pm is a fake piece of shit,
ask all my friend i dont fucking hack

So your saying I photo shopped that picture? lol

yes i never said that man

how long will i be banned

i dont hack 4 god sakes!

You know those things called logs? Well, they tell people EVERYTHING that someone says. rofl

wat r logs

plz dont ban me


ok im going to play top 10 now

Ok, killer i’d like to inform you that unfortunately we can’t ban you for you just saying that you have aimbot, but rest assured Katen that if he does aimbot then he WILL be caught by one of our many dedicated guards, mods, or admins and he will be permabanned.

Killer in the future I suggest that you never aimbot or get any hacks or mods besides skins.

And your rifle scope if you choose to use one cannot have a modded zoom.

Good Day Sir and Madam, - TwIsTeDBuLL3T

Y U no mention mods D:

No, you can’t be banned for simply saying you have hacks and clearly not using it.

However, Twisted’s right. you will be caught now if you try since you admitted to having it. You’ve now made yourself someone to watch out for in future. Bear in mind that mods/guards very often appear in game with a fake cover name. And the mods/admins watch invisibly from time to time.

Do not think you won’t be caught, because people as you have just experienced, will report the slightest thing to us.

Don’t be a fool, play fairly and enjoy yourself.