[x] [WoHax]GodOfAOS - Aimbot/No recoil

Time and date:1st September 11AM GMT
Offence:Unfair playing,hacking,aimbotting.
Le proof(Obvious.): http://youtu.be/LY8KabkHyN0

Nevermind,haux banned him,thank you haux.

Funny because a [WoHax]killerlo turned up on Babel earlier today, perma’d him for hacking and then a minute later to have him return new ip same IGN. I later ipcompared and geoip’d the first two ip’s I banned and one was from Indonesia and the other Missouri. How he did it I still do not know, but I do know I spent the next half an hour banning people using the same combination of aimbotting and block glitching. Can’t be a coincidence that 5+ players show up using the same combination one after the other, within at least 2 minutes between them.

Just saying this probably isn’t over with this specific person/s.

Also video above is not the player you’re talking about, the display says he is Basti - where is the actual video?

I saw some WoHax members (5 members) and every single member of them hacked.