[x] Votekick abuse and Griefing

Name: Narugami

Player switched to my team to grief the buildings. Upon killing him multiple times to stop his griefing, he started a votekick against me. The players on the server were just typing in /y for anything, and i got kicked.

DATE: 1/14/2013 TIME: approximately 10:00 pm Central Time (US & CANADA)

If you look through the server log at the time, i was not doing anything wrong, and he abruptly began griefing.

Thanks in advance for the response.

What server?

Sounds like PinPoint behaviour all over. You really gotta know your team members on PP or at least keep a close watch as to who moves teams and the likes. I’ll keep my eyes out for this person.

Wow I can’t believe I didn’t put that. Juxta got it right, it was on the Pinpoint 24/7 server.

Thanks, it really sucks getting kicked even for 30 minutes since college isn’t “free time” friendly :stuck_out_tongue: