[x] <ViP>PsychoKid evading&abuse vk's {$}Last Ninja abuse vk's

SnIpEr already banned PsychoKid , he evaded the ban and started a abuse votekick:
Le Screenshot:http://imgur.com/H4unmhJ
{$}Last Ninja : http://imgur.com/nQ7mszR

Before you showed up, BIEBER FAN was all like “SexBoys” and spamming nonsense.

Thats not a reason to abuse votekick,you can say “Bieber please be quiet or I report you on the IRC.” but dont abuse votekick,and Bieber has almost got votekicked.

He has been spamming for months now. MONTHS!! I told him to stop but EVERYTIME he wont stop!

How I said: REPORT HIM ON THE IRC. here’s the link:http://webchat.quakenet.org/ Your name and the channel (#aloha)

The only time I do votekicks on BIEBER is when he tries to spam annoying words. Even a lot of people do it. You would see.

No admin replied…please ban the evader I’m sure he will evade again,I will add something:I said to PsychoKid “Stop evading your ban” I killed him he said “Should I do my hack on again?” afterthat he started the votekick and I did the screenshot

I think I remember seeing him on Hallway or a ctf map.

orange use the hyperlinks


Yup he should be banned. Thanx for bringing it to our attention.