[x] Two Hackers in aloha hallway

Hey, I recorded two hack’s today in aloha hallway.

Server: Aloha Hallway
Player IGN: iDeedeZonisis, #17
Offence: Aimbot, ESP, no-recoil
Date/time: 19/12/2013, 2:14am GMT
Video: http://youtu.be/d-Ww-CnLGNk

Server: Aloha Hallway
Player IGN: [DARK]dcw
Offence: Aimbot, No-recoil
Date/Time: 19/12/2013, 2:15am GMT
Video: http://youtu.be/ArELKHlWMg8

iDeedeZonisis: is banned, he is a ban evader too.
[DARK]dcw: He has recoil, and he is not aimbotting (lag made it look like that). Not banned
Thanks for the report

Cap Check my post in the admin forum for my video

I have same opinion.

Also here’s a tip hit f11 to open up a visual of your ping, its very helpful in discovering if the lag is on your end or the suspect.

Yeah that’s much better idea than constantly typing /ping on the keyboard.

Actually you still need to ping the other player f11 ONLY shows your ping.

Oh, then the F11 isn’t THAT useful while using pubovl or (ovl?)

Nope its pretty much a must have for my hacker videos in order to see if THERES LAG or a lag spike which is noticable with f11.
Edit: On either End that is the biggie here.