[x] This f*cking a-hole...

This kid on one of your servers hated me for calling him out for being a camper.
He tried to votekick me 7 times! Fkin 7 timeS!!!
HE rounded up his little buddies and joined the server to votekick me.
Him, his 8 buddies and a few randoms finnaly kicked me.
I think its a temp 30 min ban but this is FUCKING BULLSHIT
I wish i wouldve gotten a screenie of him.
His name was arcane{something here}

Congrats, you have just learned how the internet works.
Just wait out the vote-kick and he will get what’s coming to him if we see him do it again.
Also, I suggest you cut down on the profanity and get some proof next time you report something.

would the votekicks not show up in the log?

They would show up in the logs but unless you had evidence that you weren’t doing anything wrong you’re going to have to wait out the votekick. Or if the votekick has an extremely blatantly obvious reason why it’s fake (eg. REASON: because I’m having fun vote kicking for no reason) then you’ll probably be unbanned if you ask nicely on the IRC.

I’m very sorry this happened. Nothing can be done on our side though, so I’m going to give the benefit of the doubt to them, as there’s no way to gather any evidence at this point. Sorry this happened :confused: