[x] Tacoking

Map: aloha.pk babel
Date: 4-13-14
Time: 4:00 GMT-8
Name: Tacoking
Abuse: Hacking with aimbot

-part 1

-part 2

ehgms11, I see nothing suspicious in these videos.

Uhh ehgms11, we were totally wrong about TacoKing. He is a staff member of aloha, and was playing totally legit. We jumped to the hacking conclusion WAY to fast, which was wrong. Sorry Taco… In the future, let’s take a closer look BEFORE, we start a vk…

Mistakes happen. I don’t think anyone is taking it personally.

sry :-\ he had some like little high accuracy n he was getting like little high streaks i thought he was hacking my bad :’(