[x] [Suspected Aimbot/model exploit] Aloysi

Was playing on Aloha.pk, Tower of Babel around 1:30-2:00am (GMT time) (3:30-4:00pm GMT-10) and this player Aloysi was doing 180 degree snaps, spawning then immediately, like literally immediately as he spawned turning and making multiple headshots.

I also ran to the enemy base, on the farthest edge possible, ducked behind a wall on the far back of their spawn, and just sat there, making sure no one saw me. He respawned after being killed, walked straight to where I was and headshot me.

I went into spectator mode and watched him as we has playing after being killed on his sides stairs from a player on the opposite side, he respawned, then immediately flipped around, ran to a tree where another player was hiding chopped it down and killed him. The player hadn’t fired a single shot and was just ducking inside.

I watched him multiple times do wide snaps between targets on both the left side and right side of the map, like a robot, nearly simultaneously. He was doing this repeatedly. He wasn’t spawnkilling, he was doing this from across the map.

Unfortunately, he quit before I could start up my video recorder but if that’s not a hacker then I guess I don’t know what is. The game wasn’t even halfway through and he was doing “great” but I suspect he got spooked, and probably noticed I was spectating.

I’m pretty sure I know the difference between hackers and skilled players, seeing as I wrote this and all: http://aloha.pk/index.php?topic=587
and I rarely accuse people of cheating.

I realize you can’t do anything without proof, but you might wanna take note of his IP for future reference.

And if you’re reading this Aloysi, take your nonsense somewhere else.

Aloysi has been banned.

Yeah, I was spectating him the whole time, just needed enough video evidence for a ban.